Custom Fit Orthotics For a High-Arched Foot

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A High-arched foot, as the name says, is a medical condition where the foot of the patient has a very high arch. This condition is also known as cavus foot. A person having high-arched feet will feel quite a lot of pain and discomfort while walking and standing, because the high arch of the foot exerts more weight to the ball and heel of the feet. This condition can develop in either one or both feet, and at any age.

What Causes Cavus Foot

A high-arched foot is usually caused as a side effect of a neurological disorder or other health conditions such as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, polio, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, or stroke. Sometimes, it can also be a form of inherited structural abnormality at the time of birth. As the causes of the condition vary, a proper medical diagnosis is required to find out the underlying cause of cavus foot and then treat it accordingly. This is very important because high-arched foot can become worse with time especially if it is associated with a neurological disorder.

Symptoms of Cavus Foot

In persons having the condition, the arch of the foot will seem high even when he/she is standing still. Some other symptoms of the disorder include:

  • Claw toes (clenched toes) or bent toes (hammertoes)
  • Lumps on the side, heel, or ball of the foot
  • Instability in walking or jogging due to the heel leaning inward
  • Ankle sprains and aches
  • Excessive pain and discomfort while walking or standing

In some cases, people also experience sudden weakness in the foot muscles and ankles, which in turn forces them to drag the foot while walking or climbing stairs. This is also known as foot drop, and is a sign hinting at an underlying neurological condition.

Treatment Options for Cavus Foot

Traditionally, people with high-arched foot were recommended to soak their feet in warm water and have a foot massage. This was enough for providing pain relief to some extent, but was not effective for everyone in a similar way. This called for a better solution, and custom fit orthotics answered that perfectly.

Additional arch supports in the shoes can help a lot to ease the pain associated with cavus foot. Custom fit orthotics readily absorb the extra pressure exerted on the heel and ball, and distribute body weight evenly across the feet. This in turn alleviates the stress and strain from the feet, and cushions the impact of walking and standing.

Apart from that, patients with high-arched foot should also avoid using shoes with a high heel and ensure that the front part of the shoes does not squeeze their toes in any way. Besides, making a few modifications to the daily routine and avoiding activities that could impart pressure to the feet is also recommended.

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