• Orthotics are supports that are made to fit into your current footwear.

  • Orthotics provide comfort and relief from pain as well as increased performance in the way you move on a regular basis.

  • Footstar Orthotics has engineered an array of orthopedic solutions for foot issues revolving around fasciitis, arthritis, calluses, shin splints, and bunions.

  • Unlike most custom insoles, the ones that we create do not require our client to displace themselves.

  • We have found a modern way to deliver orthopedic insoles to your front door.

  • Our ordering is easy & 100% Satisfaction guaranteed!

Benefits Footstar Orthotics Competitor Competitor Competitor Competitor

High Quality, Custom Fitted Insoles

Backed By Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

“A perfect combination of performance & technology. My athletes love their Footstar Orthotics!” Jamie Creps, SR Physical Therapist for The Boston Red Sox 

Price: $235.00
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Health Benefits Of Custom Insoles

  • Eliminates Foot Aches

    Footstar Orthotics are specially designed to reduce shock, fatigue and stress no matter what you throw at them.
  • Helps Plantar Fasciitis

    We can design an orthotic just for you that offsets pressure from your plantar fascia and relieves pain!
  • Relieves Lower Back Pain

    Your feet are the structural foundation of your entire body. Footstar Orthotics can eliminate shock and stress on your lower back
  • Stabilizes Knees

    Significantly reduce or even eliminate knee pain by stabilizing the joint and relieving excess pressure


Skip Borden

I was very close to giving up all hope in getting any relief from my constant heel discomfort, even after repeated rounds of painful cortisone injections, when I found Footstar. I absolutely love my new orthotics! I am able to walk two miles every day again without pain! Amazing experience!!

Emily Montowese

I  cannot say enough about the difference  that Footstar Orthotics have made in my life! Before finding them, I must have tried a dozen products that all promised to relieve my foot and back pain. Footstar Orthotics relieved my pain almost immediately. They are ultra-soft and are so comfortable I do not want to take them off when I get home from work. Have recommended them to all my friends!

Bob Fitzgerald

I found Footstar Orthotics a year ago and boy am I glad I did! I had been plagued me for years with foot and knee pain. My wife discovered Footstar on the Internet an let me tell you it was very impressive. The ordering process was quick and the results were amazing! Within a week, the pain in my foot was gone and my knees didn’t hurt for the first time in 4 years! I got my orthotics within 2 weeks and since then my wife and daughter ordered from Footstar and are ecstatic. Thank you Footstar!

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