Facts About Flat Feet

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The arches in our feet provide support to the step and work to distribute the body weight evenly throughout the legs. Evidently, the arches should be sturdy yet flexible enough to adapt to the stress and pressure, and cushion the steps across different surfaces.

People with flat feet have a very low arch, or no arch at all, which makes either one or both their feet lay flat on the ground. Such people may also experience their feet rolling to the inner side while walking or standing for prolonged hours. This condition is known as overpronation, and it may make the feet point outward. Although most people having flat feet show no clear symptoms to hint the condition, some do experience a few issues depending upon the severity of the disorder.

The most common symptom that people with flat feet experience is pain in the feet and legs. This occurs because of the excessive strain on the foot muscles and the connecting ligaments. Sometimes, the pain may pass on to the knee and hip joints too, which happen when the ankles turn inward. Other than that, pain due to flat feet may affect the calf, the arches of the feet, and the lower back as well. In some cases, one or both the feet may feel stiff as well.

A flat foot often leads to an uneven wearing down of the shoes, which in turn, leads to falls and injuries. So learning how to deal with the condition is essential to reduce the chances of any accidents.

Dealing with Flat Feet

Custom fit orthotics support and raise the arch to how it normally should be. These arch supports align the feet to their proper position and alleviate the strain and stress on the ligaments and muscles. Although the after-effects of flat feet can be treated with physical therapy and massage, using custom fit orthotics and insoles is proven to be the most effective in treating its symptoms.

Note that regular visits to the therapist for pain relief can be very expensive and the therapy might take many days or weeks to see if you find any relief. What’s more, the procedure might not work in the same way in everyone. Orthotics, on the contrary, are a one-time purchase and you can use them as per your convenience. Yet again, it is always better to consult with a doctor and diagnose your condition before using any countermeasures for pain on your own.

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