Foot Problems


Freedom From Foot Pain With Custom Orthotics

Millions of Americans suffer from undiagnosed foot pain and much of it goes untreated. Instead of simply accepting life with foot, leg, knee, hip, or low back pain, people have a choice to get to the root of the issue and correct it properly with foot orthotics. The simple solution of wearing custom orthotics provides relief from chronic pain and provides the stability and mobility needed to carry on through life. We carry the best orthotics to provide this relief no matter what activities a person is engaged in.

Why We Need Orthotics

Orthotics are corrective foot supports that are placed inside shoes to improve the wearer’s foot position. Wearing orthotics creates more stability for the wearer’s body and helps to correct the skeletal imbalances that cause foot and joint pain. Orthotics can provide everyday support and cushioning for the average person as well as providing stability for high-performance athletes and jobs that require heavy lifting or constant motion. The main purpose for wearing orthotic shoe inserts is to provide support and alleviate foot pain. Wearing custom inserts for shoes from Footstar Orthotics will increase function for anyone, regardless of their activity type or lifestyle.

Wearing the best orthotic insoles is especially important this day and age. The human body was naturally made to walk on soft surfaces without the restriction of shoes. Today, the majority of a person’s time is spent walking and standing on hard surfaces such as concrete and asphalt. These surfaces are unforgiving on the body’s muscles and joints, causing the foot to compensate for the lack of give in the ground surface. A surface like sand or soil will give under the weight of the body, accommodating for the foot and allowing for the body’s proper alignment. Because of the rigidity of the artificial surfaces we walk on today, the foot is made to flatten, compress, and rotate with every step we take. This can lead to a number of problems in the feet, including plantar fasciitis, Achilles pain, flat feet, as well as other types of pain that affect the lower limbs such as shin splints, calf pain, knee pain, hip pain, and low back pain.

Footstar Orthotics has some of the best shoe insoles you can find in today’s market. They are custom made to fit each person’s foot and correct the misalignments that are unique to their body. Properly fitted orthotic insoles will provide relief from foot pain and can treat chronic lower body pain from the source of the problem – the feet – as they remove the stress from areas of the body that are in pain. Orthotics realign the feet and restore balance with the rest of the skeletal system and provide the best arch support for increased functioning, pain relief, endurance, and quality of life.

Life With Foot Pain

When a person is experiencing foot pain, they are likely suffering throughout their day, often even when the foot is not in use. They may experience aching arches when walking, pain in the ball of the foot, Achilles tendon pain, or suffer from bunions or calluses. Pain may radiate up the leg in the form of shin splints or knee pain.

Standing or simple walking can become difficult for those who experience foot pain. People may find themselves becoming more sedentary or avoiding their usual daily activities. They may even blame their shoes. However, even the most sensible footwear will not be enough to put an end to chronic foot pain. When foot pain gets in the way of a person’s regular work, life, or leisure activities it has become a problem that needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, many people do not get the help they need or do not know about the orthotic options available to them.

For an athlete or someone who works in an active job, they may find themselves taking time off from work or training and undergoing a costly and time-consuming physiotherapy regimen. Time taken on leave from a job or professional sports training can put a tremendous strain on a person’s financial circumstances, making treatments like regular physiotherapy difficult. Other times these individuals may find themselves overcompensating with other parts of the body which can cause aching and pain in those areas. Foot pain often goes largely untreated, but serious cases can cause a dramatic disruption to a person’s lifestyle and well-being.

When a person starts to wear orthotic arch supports they will notice right away the different sensation of their feet being properly supported. While it takes time for chronic back or knee pain to subside, they will likely feel some relief right away, and many of their problems will be alleviated within the first few days or hours of wearing custom inserts for shoes. They will likely notice improved posture and an easier, more effortless stride. They will feel less pressure on the heel and ball of the foot and more supported arches that their foot can relax comfortably into. Right away they will notice how their custom orthotics take the pressure off of painful areas of the foot and provide a more padded feeling overall. The benefits of wearing arch support insoles will increase the more they wear them.

Health Benefits Of Wearing Orthotic Insoles

Custom made orthotics treat the root cause of the problem instead of just treating the area where the pain is located. Many sufferers of chronic low body pain seek out physiotherapy to treat the areas of concern, however, the pain usually only subsides for a time, only to come back when a person resumes their normal activities. Whether it is running marathons or simply standing and walking around the house, a person with foot pain will not find the ultimate relief that they need without the use of the best orthotics inserts to correct the alignment of the foot on a regular basis.

Any number of activities can cause foot pain, including running and high impact sports, working at a job that causes a person to be on their feet all day, or even standing and casual walking for extended periods of time. While many people assume that their shoes are the problem they will find that their pain keeps coming back, no matter what type of footwear they choose to purchase.

Only the best shoe inserts will take the stress off of the areas of the body that need relief. This allows the body to return to a more stable way of functioning without pain. When a person is free from foot or lower body pain they are able to enjoy a more healthy and active lifestyle without limitations.

Short-term benefits of wearing inserts for shoes include faster recovery from pain and injury than treating with physiotherapy alone, lasting relief from pain, and freedom from knee, leg, hip, and back pain as well as foot-specific problems such as bunions, callouses, arch pain, heel pain, and pain of the metatarsal pads. In some cases, wearing custom foot orthotics will provide immediate relief, allowing the wearer to begin to enjoy their benefits right away.

Long-term health benefits of wearing inserts for shoes include the prevention of deformities and chronic pain from taking a toll on the body. Wearing orthotics can correct major skeletal issues such as the spine being out of alignment and can help maintain its proper position, alleviating constant low back and leg pain and promoting overall well-being in the body.

Wearing orthotics can really make a difference in your body which is why it’s so important to choose only the best insoles. When a person experiences relief from the lower body pain, they can start getting back to the activities they enjoy, performing the tasks they need to do, and enjoying an active lifestyle that is free from pain and discomfort.

How Orthotic Inserts Are Made

Our patented mail-in foot impression system allows us to serve Americans all over the country. An impression of the foot is easily taken in a few simple steps. After an impression is received it takes approximately 10 days to 2 weeks for a pair of custom orthotics to be ready for delivery to a client. This is much shorter than the wait time of nearly 4 weeks that most custom orthotic services take. Our cutting-edge software scans the foot impression that the customer sends us with state-of-the-art lasers, allowing us to calculate the exact measurements of the foot with great accuracy. We translate these measurements into custom insoles for shoes in the quickest time possible so that our clients can move forward with a life free from foot pain.

A visit to any of our storefront locations allows customers to try our pressure mapping technology, letting them see the areas where their feet are applying too much pressure and where there is inadequate support. From there we can make the best orthotic inserts for your needs. Our revolutionary measuring and manufacturing techniques make us the leader in affordable and easily accessible custom orthotics.

Footstar uses the highest quality materials to assure the creation of the best orthotic inserts possible. The products are made from the highest quality EVA memory foam to provide customers with all of the technology and design required to alleviate their foot pain, without compromising their ultimate comfort and enjoyment of wearing our products. Our materials range from ultra-strong carbon fiber to feather-light EVA foam so that customers can choose their level of strength and support based on their preferences and needs.  Whether a customer is wearing a highly durable work boot orthotic or a dancer is using a whisper-thin foam orthotic, the same rules of comfort and function always apply. We take pride in using the finest materials to ensure the most durable and hardworking product that will be long lasting and effective for any customer. Our orthotics are covered in a range of fabrics from ultra-suede to waterproof materials that allow for breathability, washing, and comfortable wearing in wet conditions.

Footstar’s Unique Process

Footstar Orthotics’ patented foam impression kit allows customers to easily and accurately take their own foot impressions in the comfort of their own homes. Most other custom orthotics need to be measured in-office, which is not always convenient for many people. Footstar’s foam impression kit comes with easy to follow instructions that make it possible for anyone to quickly take an impression of their foot and send it back to us without error. The traditional process for taking impressions requires the foot to be wrapped in plaster and waiting until the plaster is dry. This leaves room for human error when the foot is not held still in the drying process or if the impression is not taken in the proper position. The Footstar Orthotics impression kit is simple, fast, and easy to use. It provides accurate measurements right away, without any drying or setting time. When a client sends their kit back to us, we will have all of the information needed to create the best orthotics.

When we receive your impression kit we use advanced lasers to scan and create a digital contour of the foot. Our unique software was built to identify the exact areas where the foot’s pressure is too high, as well as the areas that do not have enough pressure or support, so that the inserts provide the best arch support for your body’s needs. Without accurate measurements, orthotics will not be able to do their job of providing support to the right areas that need it most.

Our technology allows us to create products that can be worn by everyone from Olympic athletes to the average pedestrian. Our software is constantly being updated, with its sophisticated algorithm making adjustments to your orthotics so they can be created to perfectly fit your foot’s needs. Footstar Orthotics is the only custom orthotic company to offer the benefits of this caliber and such high quality of equipment and technology to their customers.

Why Choose Custom-made Orthotics

Contrary to what many people believe, wearing orthotic supports does not make their feet look any different than they would in normal shoes. They also will not make shoes fit too tightly or require customers to buy a larger shoe size. Footstar’s line of custom orthotics fit seamlessly into a variety of shoe types and can be worn for a number of different uses. When a customer chooses inserts for shoes from Footstar Orthotics they are making the best choice for their feet and overall well-being.

Store-bought orthotics can provide some level of support and relief from foot pain, but they are not tailored to an individual’s foot. They are designed to fit a typically shaped foot, but since everyone’s bodies are unique this means that store-bought insoles will not provide the support that everyone needs. In some cases, store-bought orthotics may just transfer pressure from one area of the foot to another instead of alleviating it. While today’s selection of over-the-counter arch supports for shoes offers a wide variety of choices, people often do not know the specifications of what they should be looking for to relieve their pain. When the customer is not fully aware of their needs it becomes difficult to determine the proper insoles to purchase, no matter how much selection there is.

The best insoles for shoes are custom-made. They are a much better option for people who are looking to alleviate foot and lower body pain. The best arch support inserts are created specifically for a person’s unique foot shape and needs so that they will fit perfectly and allow them to benefit from immediate comfort and reduced pressure.

Footstar’s Range Of Orthotic Insoles

Footstar designs many different types of custom-made inserts for shoes, ranging from those used by professional athletes to those made for leisure wear. Unlike store-bought insoles, which are typically made for closed-toe shoes or athletic shoes, Footstar Orthotics offers a wide range of styles and types of orthotics that can be worn in nearly any type of shoe, depending on your needs. Some of the popular custom orthotic options that we create for our customers include:

Footstar’s Everyday Orthotics

These styles are perfect for anyone to wear every day. You do not need to be a runner or have unique needs to enjoy the comfort of these styles that are essential for daily life:

Sneaker Orthotics – This type of foot orthotic is meant for casual, everyday use, by any type of customer, when they are walking for leisure purposes. They are perfect for someone who is looking for soft orthotics. This orthotic covers the full length of a shoe insole and will replace the existing insole in the customer’s sneakers. Footstar’s sneaker orthotics are focused primarily on providing cushioning and absorbing shock from regular walking activities to reduce impact on the feet and joints. Our ultra-soft, cushioned EVA material makes these insoles easy to wear and greatly increases a customer’s everyday comfort level.

Shoe Orthotics –  The perfect orthotic for someone looking for the best arch support insoles. Similar to sneaker orthotics, this type of insole comes as full-length inserts that replace the existing insole of casual shoes of many types. These soft orthotics feature an additional heel support to provide further support and cushioning when standing or walking.

Dress Shoe Orthotics – Our custom orthotics for dress shoes run from the heel to the ball of the foot and fit over top of a shoe’s existing insole. Footstar Orthotics offers dress shoe orthotics are made from an ultra-thin material with a non-slip ultra-suede cover for the comfort of our customers who wear dress shoes on a regular basis or crave additional cushioning on special occasions. Our dress shoe orthotics fit into even the most tapered styles of shoes and provide all of the stability and alignment that customers need, even in their best dress shoes. Our revolutionary Velcro tabs hold these orthotics in place so they will not slide around in the wearer’s shoes.

Sandal Orthotics – Footstar’s special patented sandal orthotic design fits seamlessly with any style of sandals. Whether you want to wear flip flops on the beach, dress sandals, walking sandals, or closed toe styles you can walk in comfort with the best shoe inserts supporting your feet. Even better, they’re virtually impossible to see in even the barest styles. Our sandal orthotics are waterproof, sand-proof, and will float in water, so customers can wear them comfortably on the beach, by the pool, or while boating, without worry of loss or damage. These waterproof inserts also stay in place in the shoe with our system of Velcro tabs.

Footstar’s Specialty Orthotic Inserts

Designed for our customer’s unique needs, our specialty foot supports provide stability in even the most extreme conditions:

Work Boot Orthotics – Footstar Orthotics has the best orthotic inserts for work boots. These  orthotics provide superior cushioning and support for jobs that require walking and working on hard, uneven, and unstable surfaces of all types. This style of foot support is constructed from ultra-durable carbon fiber with a highly-cushioned surface for maximum comfort, so the foot can rest in a soft orthotic while performing physically demanding jobs. They are waterproof, washable, and are easy to care for when wet or dirty. These full-length inserts replace a boot’s existing insole in the same way that sneaker or shoe orthotics do.

Running Orthotics – These orthotic insoles are meant for athletic use, either for running or other high impact sports where the foot is subject to repetitive impact against the ground. Running orthotics are designed to offer the best arch support to protect athletes from typical injuries that result from improper alignment and pressure, like shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and heel pain, as well as other lower body injuries like knee pain, and back pain.

Waterproof Orthotics – Footstar Orthotics creates custom waterproof insoles for shoes that are perfect for people who work in wet conditions like fishermen or boat crews, or for athletes who take part in watersports like kayaking. These waterproof orthopedic inserts are fully washable and breathable to prevent mold and mildew from forming in wet conditions.

Dance Orthotics – Another one of our specialty types of orthotics, these are the best inserts for a dancer’s unique needs. Our dance orthotics run from the heel to the ball of the foot and fit into any type of dance shoe, including jazz, ballet, ballroom, and tap shoes. Our Velcro tab system prevents slippage and allows dancers to experience the full range of motion they require without sacrificing comfort or cushioning.

No other orthotic manufacturer offers the vast range of options for a customer’s foot support needs. We proudly offer our full range so that you can find the best orthotic inserts to suit any need. Whether you participate in sports or leisure activities, or need comfortable shoes for work, our orthotics are made to provide the comfort that anyone requires. We pride ourselves on the versatility and unique range of options that we provide to our customers as solutions to their foot pain in any situation.

Unparalleled Reputation, Service & Experience

Footstar Orthotics is the undisputed leader in custom-made orthotics. Our patented mail-ready impression kit allows for clients all over the country to have the best orthotics, that are uniquely tailored to their body type. Footstar Orthotics is proud to help resolve your foot pain. We understand that our customers value time and convenience, so a portable impression system allows them to get the support they need without needing to visit a physical office to have orthotics measured and fitted. This allows us to treat people in even the most remote areas!

Our top focus has always been our customer’s satisfaction. We want to create the best shoe inserts for each person that comes to us. When our customers are comfortable in their custom orthotics we have done our job. Every client who reports relief from foot pain puts us one step closer to a pain-free population, and we are proud to be part of this movement.

Our Footstar Orthotics products are hardworking and durable enough for the hardest-working teams. For this reason we are pleased to offer our products and services to the U.S. Olympic Bobsled/Skeleton team, as well as other high-performance athletes across a range of disciplines. The hardest working athletes rely on our orthotics for the biomechanical support they require to win medals and break records.

For four generations we have worked tirelessly to provide customers with solutions for their foot pain. Our patented techniques and innovative software allows us to treat as many customers with as many unique requirements as possible. From our one-of-a-kind foot impression kit, to our laser technology for scanning impressions, to our constantly adjusted algorithm, we have all of the best technology creating our high-quality products. Our customer’s comfort and pain relief success has made us who we are today. We have enjoyed the accomplishment of satisfied clients all over the country and have countless testimonials from people who have experienced freedom from foot pain for the first time.

Begin A Pain-Free Life Today

No one should have to suffer through the unnecessary foot pain that is caused by walking and standing on hard surfaces with inadequate arch support. Footstar Orthotics strongly believes that anyone can enjoy a quality of life that is free from limitations from foot pain. We take pride in creating the best orthotic inserts possible to alleviate pain caused by misalignment, inadequate shock absorption, and lack of cushioning and support. We are enthusiastic about bringing our revolutionary orthotic insoles to people across the country so they may enjoy the freedom of a healthy and active lifestyle. When people begin to wear our custom orthotic inserts they will instantly benefit from an improved quality of life and enjoy the experience of living free from lower body pain.

Whether a customer suffers from chronic foot pain or simply craves more cushioning in their everyday life, let us create the best orthotics for any situation. It is easy to get started with our simple 3-step impression system. Our expedited service, easy to use system, and exceptional comfort is what brings new clients to us every day and keeps bringing our loyal customers back for more. Customers who want to free themselves from the limitations and restrictions of chronic pain should take action and call us today to begin their journey towards comfortable, supported feet, free from pain and suffering.

Visit our informative website complete with interactive shopping services for more information, come in to one of our storefront locations for a consultation, or pick up the phone and give us a call to find out more about getting into custom orthotics. Do not hesitate to contact us today and put your foot wellness in our capable hands.