Bulging Discs


Bulging Discs: An Overview

Bulging discs are often referred to as disc protrusion and are a very common type of condition. Bulging discs are the beginning phases of a herniated disc. Although bulging discs do not usually cause people discomfort, they have the ability to cause pain. This is especially true if they start pressing against a nerve in the spinal cord.
This condition can worsen due to increased pressure and age. While bulging discs usually take decades to manifest themselves, they can occur suddenly when met by trauma. If enough pressure is applied, and the disc’s outer fibrous portion has been weakened, it can cause it to tear, turning it into a herniated disc.

Bulging Discs and Foot Imbalances

In order to properly support the spinal cord, therefore keeping it in ideal shape, doctors often recommend that their patients wear orthotics. This is because having bulging discs and not wearing the right support can worsen any joint-based condition in the body.
Bulging discs can affect the balance of the body, thus causing the feet to be thrown off kilter. This is because the body’s weight is being poorly distributed, causing a rolling of the hips, knees, ankles, and feet.


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