How Foot Posture Affects you in Terms of Pain or Discomfort

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A lot of the time, people with knee pain have improper posture to blame for their discomfort and related issues. Although it may seem their shoes are the problem, or that they may have banged their knee somewhere and not noticed at the time, the issue usually starts all the way down – at their feet. There are ways your feet are meant to support your body, and when this is not the case, it results in an extra strain that transmits upwards through the body.

It is important to understand or at least accept that the whole body acts as a single unit most of the time. Every little thing in the body is connected to everything else, and when one works the wrong way, the consequences of that can include problems like back, knee and hip pain. Correcting your posture can fix a lot of such problems and hold them at bay for years to come. The best orthotics help you do just that; when it comes to foot, neck, hip, or back pain insoles of the right type can tremendously improve your situation.

Foot Posture

Like every other part of our body, our foot also has what is called an “ideal” posture. This is related to the alignment of the spine; when the spine and foot are aligned rightly to each other, your walk changes for the better, which in turn lets you sit better, and that makes sure your days are free from pains and aches otherwise caused by the way your body is placed. Good spinal alignment ensures you will not have neck or back pain, or headaches. Good foot posture saves you from the same kind of discomfort affecting the knee, ankle, hip or lower back.

An ideally postured foot has your body’s entire weight distributed across it evenly, with the toes spread uniformly, and each carrying a portion of said weight in a manner that brings good balance. The ball and the heel of the foot bear even weight, and as a result, the arch of your foot stays even.

The arch is vital to the proper functioning of the foot, and if this part of the foot is not positioned well, it could cause a lot of problems. For instance, the arch may flatten a bit while walking, in what is called “pronation”, a normal enough thing. However, if the flattening happens excessively, it could cause the ankles to rotate towards the inside, and pull wrongly on other crucial bones up the leg, such as the fibula and tibia.

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