How Long Should Your Orthotics Take To Break In?

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One common question which people ask before buying their first pair of orthotics, is “how long before I get used to them?” Like most queries concerning something medical, this one lacks a good catch all answer other than “It depends”. Each person adjusts in their own way and time, although generally, this process should be completed in about two weeks.

Before Buying

This is evidently influenced by how well the fitting process goes; regardless of whether an orthotic insole is their first or tenth, one needs to ensure that is provides the right balance of control, contact, and comfort. The break-in period would naturally be a time of change, with almost nothing solid to lean on in terms of feeling and support. Basically, the soft tissues under your feet need to get used to a specific pressure arrangement, as well as learning more mechanically efficient positions.

Braking it in

Orthotic arch inserts require a lot of getting used to, but this is not a process that should be rushed if you want optimal results. The best general method involves wearing your new insoles for two hours every day at the beginning, and then expanding that duration gradually while ensuring your feet and body are comfortable with each change. Soft tissue typically allows wearing orthotics right off, but each body has a slightly different break-in period.

Spotting a Need for Adjustment

As mentioned already, if you have never used an orthotic with arch support before, the first two weeks could bring a lot of change. Even after that, your feet could take time to adapt. If there is discomfort at this point, you should pay attention to how long it lasts. Pain in any one area which lasts a day and then goes away, is probably caused by prior inflammation and the orthotics are probably not to blame. However, if this pain lasts longer and shows no signs of receding, it is possible that the soft tissue under your foot is not interacting properly with the chosen orthotic.

Orthotics is tremendously useful, but they do not normally perform at their best right off the bat. The takeaway is that you need to wait at least a couple of weeks and see how it goes, before deciding if any changes are needed. Being custom-made, orthotics are supposed to fit their intended feet perfectly; if yours are clearly a mismatch, then you need to start looking at alternatives, assuming you cannot find cheaper ways to get the insoles adjusted.

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