How Sever’s Disease Can Cause a Child Heel Pain

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Sever’s disease is a condition that occurs in children, where a still-growing part of the heel (the growth plate) gets injured. The foot happens to be among the first parts in the body to grow completely in children, and this generally happens in puberty. At this stage, the bones normally grow a lot faster than the tendons and muscles surrounding them, causing the latter to tighten. The heel is less flexible than the rest of the body, and gets injured much more easily. The chances of this are raised when the child undertakes weight-bearing activity and ends up pushing too hard on the Achilles tendon.

When is Sever’s Disease Most Probable?

Early puberty brings less risk of this condition. Physically active girls have this problem more commonly, between the ages of 8 and 10. Physically active boys get it when they are between 10 and 12 years of age. Children that run or jump a lot are the most commonly affected. Teenagers rarely develop Sever’s disease, because at that age, that part of the heel has normally stopped growing.

Checking for Sever’s Disease

Pain caused by Sever’s disease can manifest in both heels, usually after a child starts a new sport. If you see him or her walking with a limp, or standing on tiptoe when they should not need to, then you should get it checked. A basic home check known as the squeeze test can suffice too.

Treating Sever’s Disease

The first thing to do for your child is to get them to stop whatever they are regularly doing, that is causing the heel pain in the first place. Hold ice on the heel for half an hour, and do that two times a day. If the kid has feet with high arches, bowed legs, or flat feet, then consider buying him or her custom fit orthotics to resolve the condition.

Some of the best arch support inserts recommended by podiatrists are capable of mitigating and even eliminating severe heel pain, although it would be best not getting your hopes up. Note that preventing Sever’s disease mainly involves making sure your child stays flexible while he or she grows. Consult with your doctor and ask them for recommendations on stretching exercises. On top of that, tell your kid it is not all right to run over hard surfaces.

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