How the Best Orthotic Insoles Can Help Knee Pain

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A lot of things can lead to knee pain – it may be a sudden injury, overuse of the knee, or a symptom of some underlying health issue like arthritis that leads to aching in the joints. Although the approach to treat the ailment would depend upon the original cause of the same, health care providers usually focus on restoring the balanced function of the entire body while dealing with patients suffering from knee pain. In fact, patients are more likely to recover soon if the root cause of the problem was addressed in such a manner instead of simply prescribing some medications or therapy to reduce the pain and inflammation in the knee tissues.

Symptoms and Treatment

The common symptoms of knee pain include swelling, soreness, and stiffness in the tissues. The person suffering from even mild to moderate knee pain would be unable to stand for a prolonged time or walk long distances. It is recommended to consult a doctor as soon as you notice any pain in the knee area for more than a couple of days. As said, it can be due to various reasons, so a proper diagnosis is essential to draft an adequate treatment plan for the health problem.

Most doctors recommend a combination of different techniques such as chiropractic therapy and custom foot insoles to deal with knee pain effectively. Aside from that, your doctor may also advise using ice to lessen the inflammation around the knee joint. Some health care providers also recommend soft tissue massaging to help in improving the knee’s natural range of motion. Other methods may include taking rest, strengthening exercises, elevation, and compression, etc.

Your doctor might also examine your medical history and recommend a few tests to check if there are any other alignment problems in your body, which could be the cause of your knee pain. For instance, issues like the restricted range of motion in the hips, extreme foot pronation, or stiffness of the lower back, can put more strain on the knees, and in turn, contribute to pain and inflammation of the joint and tissues in the knee area.

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