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Footstar Cleat Orthotics are designed to fit comfortably into soccer, lacrosse, baseball, football and rugby cleats as well as hockey skates. Competitive athletic footwear is intentionally narrower and lower profile than street shoes, so it’s important to use an orthotic that’s thin, yet supportive. Our cleat inserts are made from carbon-fiber; a razor thin, durable material used in everything from car frames to golf clubs. Our cleat orthotics are antimicrobial and hand washable.

When ordering your custom orthotics, please be sure to specify both your sport and position (Example: football and wide receiver)

Please Note: These are custom-made arch supports specifically designed for one person. These are not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. For corrective custom orthotics, please visit one of our locations throughout Southern Connecticut by calling us at 1-800-318-0007