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Dancers know the pain that comes from hours of practice! Our ¾ length dance shoe orthotics offer tremendous support, no matter what kind of dancing you do. From ballet and tap to jazz and ballroom, Footstar Orthotics will have you moving in comfort like never before! Velcro tabs keep the orthotics from sliding around and cushioned covers make them super comfortable for hours on your feet. When ordering your orthotics, please be sure to specify the average heel height in the comments section of the checkout page.


Our custom dance shoe orthotics are perfect for alleviating the symptoms of a myriad of conditions that may be caused or compounded by dancing without the assistance of custom insole. If you’re a serious dancer that practices regularly and are experiencing heel bone pain, try orthotics for Achilles tendonitis. Likewise, if you’re dedicated to your art and practice every day of the week you may experience pain in the ball of your foot, otherwise known as Metatarsalgia. Orthotics for Metatarsalgia offer instant relief and will help improve your balance and posture as well. If you’re new to dancing and have a preexisting condition prior to taking dance classes there’s a possibility you may experience shooting pains in your arms, legs, and back; in this case, you’ll find relief in using orthotics for herniated discs. Lastly, even experts in the art of dance sometimes experience shin splints; this is a painful condition caused by intense exercise including dancing. Shin splints are known as a cumulative stress disorder where the muscles, bones, and connective tissues become overworked over time; experiencing this issue can lead to difficulty dancing, reduced range of motion, and swelling in your toe. By utilizing our solutions you can diminish the effect of all of these orthopedic issues.


Please Note: These are custom-made arch supports specifically designed for one person. These are not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. For corrective custom orthotics, please visit one of our locations throughout Southern Connecticut by calling us at 1-800-318-0007. The price of this orthotic offered through our website does not reflect the price of corrective, accommodative inserts made after evaluating an individual in-person.


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