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Enjoy all the support and comfort of a pair of custom orthotics in the comfort of your own summer shoes! One of our most popular orthotics, Footstar Sandal Orthotics are designed to fit comfortably into both sandals and footwear that don’t have removable insoles (clogs, flats, boat shoes etc.) They Velcro into any sandal and are completely invisible when you step into them. Traditional orthotics are too thick and bulky to fit into these types of shoes, but our 3/4 length inserts are specifically made to keep you comfortable and supported in your favorite low-profile shoes! These arch supports are made of dual-density EVA (Ethalyne Vinyl Acetate) EVA is a soft, yet supportive material known for its shock-absorbency and durability. When ordering your orthotics, please specify the types of shoes that you plan on wearing with these (Example: I wear clogs in the winter and boat shoes in the summer).


There is a myriad of orthopedic medical conditions that can greatly impact the afflicted individuals’ quality of life and ability to relax and rest in comfortable footwear; that’s why our custom sandal orthotic inserts are so immensely popular. Some common ailments that may be affecting individuals that wear sandals, clogs, boat shoes, and get in the way of allowing the wearer to relax and feel comfortable include plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, as well as meniscus degradation. Plantar fasciitis is a grating pain usually associated with waking up in the morning and is located centrally in your heel. Plantar fasciitis causes the afflicted to literally get out of bed on the wrong foot, and can make it hard to enjoy the rest of your day or relax when you’re experiencing such intense discomfort. The issue can be compounded further through footwear that may seem comfortable, but actually contains a hard and undesirable surface for feet afflicted by this particular condition. A quick and easy solution are custom sandal orthotic inserts, which will quickly do away with the discomfort you experiencing every morning when slipping on your sandals, clogs, or boat shoes. Custom orthotics for plantar fasciitis is an efficient remedy to a common problem, and with Footstar reaching that solution and getting your perfect insoles has never been easier. Metatarsalgia is another common affliction for sandal and other comfortable footwear users, as the hard material that their shoe may be comprised of has a negative effect on the ball of the foot where metatarsalgia can begin. If left untreated, extreme cases have been described as feeling as though they’re constantly stepping on a stone or pebble, and the pain associated with it can be debilitating and render the afflicted individual immobile in extreme cases. Orthotics for metatarsalgia is an ideal solution as an addition to other forms of treatment, but in early stages, custom insoles can completely resolve the issue. Lastly, meniscus degeneration occurs under wear and tear of the cartilage in the knees, which supports our weight. There is a specific overlap in demographics that may be afflicted by this condition, as cartilage degredation mostly affects an older generation, and can become especially present when using hard-soled footwear. Although the use of slip-ons, clogs, sandals, and boat shoes are extremely convenient for an aging popular due to not having to tie shoelaces or buckles, the hard surface of these footwear can have a negative impact on this condition. That’s why orthodics for meniscus degeneration are an ideal solution to dealing with knee and foot pain.


Please Note: These are custom-made arch supports specifically designed for one person. These are not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. For corrective custom orthotics, please visit one of our locations throughout Southern Connecticut by calling us at 1-800-318-0007. The price of this orthotic offered through our website does not reflect the price of corrective, accommodative inserts made after evaluating an individual in-person.


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