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Enjoy all the support and comfort of a pair of custom orthotics in the comfort of your own summer shoes! One of our most popular orthotics, Footstar Sandal Orthotics are designed to fit comfortably into both sandals and footwear that don’t have removable insoles (clogs, flats, boat shoes etc.) They Velcro into any sandal and are completely invisible when you step into them. Traditional orthotics are too thick and bulky to fit into  these types of shoes, but our 3/4 length inserts are specifically made to keep you comfortable and supported in your favorite low-profile shoes! These arch supports are made of dual-density EVA (Ethalyne Vinyl Acetate) EVA is a soft, yet supportive material known for its shock-absorbency and durability.

When ordering your orthotics, please specify the types of shoes that you plan on wearing with these (Example: I wear clogs in the winter and boat shoes in the summer)


Please Note: These are custom-made arch supports specifically designed for one person. These are not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. For corrective custom orthotics, please visit one of our locations throughout Southern Connecticut by calling us at 1-800-318-0007. The price of this orthotic offered through our website does not reflect the price of corrective, accommodative inserts made after evaluating an individual in-person.

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