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Do you experience foot, knee or back pain when walking or running? Do you feel fatigued quickly during a workout? If so, then these orthotics could make all the difference in the world! Footstar Sneaker Orthotics are our most cushioned and shock absorbent inserts. Designed with walkers and runners in mind, our arch supports help you maintain a neutral gait while providing an unparalleled level of comfort. Eliminate excess stress on ankles, knees and lower back during exercise with these unbelievably soft custom-made arch supports. Our sneaker orthotics are made of EVA, a soft, cushioned material known for its shock-absorbency and durability. When ordering your orthotics, please specify your activity level and the methods you use to exercise. (Example: I run 2 miles a day, 2 days per week) This will allow us to further customize your orthotic insole to suit your needs to the best of our ability.


There are a number of pre-existing conditions that can affect those participating in running and other full-body cardio, as well as conditions that can develop over time as a result of overexertion of the muscles in the feet or extended periods of wearing incorrect or insufficient footwear. Shin splints are the most commonly caused foot ailment as a result of intense exercise or insufficient footwear protection. Shin splints develop as a result of high-impact and explosive workouts and are common among runners, joggers, new military recruits, and other individuals who are unaccustomed to explosive workouts involving the lower body. However, this condition can be easily treated and prevented by implementing the proper custom orthotics for shin splints and high-intensity workouts. Another painful ailment that may be affecting both the novice and expert runner is metatarsalgia, which occurs when the metatarsal head begins to experience chronic pain and inflammation. The most common symptoms have been described as walking on pebbles or stones on the ball of your foot which greatly limits mobility and endurance when it comes to running and walking. Orthotics for metatarsalgia is the best route for treatment and prevention as described by your doctor. Lastly, individuals with pre-existing conditions have just as much to gain from the inclusion of custom insoles into their workout or daily routines. For example, individuals with flat feet commonly experience serious foot pain during intense workouts due to the fact that all of the pressure in their step is being solely supported to the heel of the foot. Custom orthotics for flat feet can reverse this trend and alleviate a lot of the long-term damage one may cause to their feet with this kind of condition. As you can see, custom orthopedic inserts are applicable and useful over a wide variety of demographics and applications; and with Footstar’s convenient at-home molding process getting your hands on custom insoles has never been easier.


Please Note: These are custom-made arch supports specifically designed for one person. These are not designed to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. For corrective custom orthotics, please visit one of our locations throughout Southern Connecticut by calling us at 1-800-318-0007. The price of this orthotic offered through our website does not reflect the price of corrective, accommodative inserts made after evaluating an individual in-person.


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