Running With Shoes vs. Running Barefoot

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Thousands of years after shoes were first discovered, there is a continuing debate about the need to wear them. There is a significant portion of the runner population who support barefoot running, and insist that shoes are by and large an impediment to proper, unrestrained movement. However, for the average person, the benefits of wearing shoes far outweigh its downsides.

Protection from Germs

Most barefoot promoters would dispute this, but clinical evidence shows bacteria being capable of causing foot problems. While this does not mean you would catch a cold after a single barefoot run, there are chances of fungal problems developing, and thereby causing itchiness, redness, and swelling. For many people, this brings some amount of pain as well. What happens is that you end up spending significant money to get it treated, and the costs could run even higher if you have complicating conditions such as diabetes.

Safety from Injury

Shoes worn on your feet keep them safe. Sure, it deprives you of the feel of grass and sand underfoot, but who knows what is in there besides? You could step on glass or other sharp objects, and cut yourself. It brings the chance of infection, and no one wants any part of that. You could avoid all that hassle by simply wearing shoes tough enough to completely shield your feet from the environment.

Better Grip

Shoes afford the wearer a better grip while walking and running, and based on the activity for which they are intended, this quality can be immensely useful. For example, when hiking, having on shoes that can grab onto rocky terrain can turn your experiences into a pleasant one. Several different shoe types are manufactured too, which are intended for various activities, meaning that you really have no solid excuse to stay barefoot when you leave home.

Posture Correction

Barefoot advocates are generally vocal about the postural benefits of running without shoes, and that argument is valid when you consider generic sneakers. However, If you had on a good pair of athletic shoes with custom arch support, it would help correct your posture in far better ways than going au naturel; in fact, it even corrects some of the problems caused by the latter. This is why so many specialists and experts recommend wearing orthotics with arch support inserts.

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