Skip Borden
"I was very close to giving up all hope in getting any relief from my constant heel discomfort, even after repeated rounds of painful cortisone ...
Position -  Company | November 11, 2016
Emily Montowese
I cannot say enough about the difference  that Footstar Orthotics have made in my life! Before finding them, I must have tried a dozen products that ...
Owner -  | November 23, 2016
Bob Fitzgerald
I found Footstar Orthotics a year ago and boy am I glad I did! I had been plagued me for years with foot and knee pain. My wife discovered Footstar o...
 -  | December 04, 2016
Margie Butler
My daughter, Julie had issues with balance, walking and was in constant pain. Matt at Footstar Orthotics was able to and fit her with custom made orth...
 -  | January 24, 2017

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