The Benefits of Athletic Insoles

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You can be any kind of athlete, and still not know how important having the right footwear can be to performance and foot health. Worn out shoes can cause pain, blistering, or injury that effectively sidelines you no matter how well you train and strive. Buying new shoes may not always be in the cards, but with athletic insoles, you can milk what you have for a really long time. Below is a look at how some of the best orthotic insoles can help you.

  • Normal orthotic insoles are generally designed to raise the comfort and stability that your shoes are able to provide on their own. Athletes and runners need this benefit even more to succeed at what they do, while staying healthy. This is because their feet take regular stresses from the simple fact of the movements of their bodies. Athletic insoles remove tension form specific areas of the foot through even distribution of pressure, mainly during races and events. They provide support for the calcaneal fat pad, which is the fat layer placed between the skin and the heel bone. As a result, these insoles effectively prevent pain, fatigue, and injury.
  • With over 3.5 million sports-related injuries benching athletes and keeping them from participating in their chosen sport, it makes sense to check the kind of support your footwear offers. Athletic shoes wear down over time, and after that happens, the wearer faces a greater risk of injury the longer he or she puts off buying new shoes. Endurance insoles can reduce that risk by bringing extra cushioning and support that protects the foot when you jump or land funny, which is worth a lot during 16-mile runs and long-haul games. It certainly spells a big difference when you have been using something custom-made for your feet for a year or longer. As in a lot of things, patience is the key here.
  • Other than just extra support, these custom shoe insoles also expand your foot’s range of motion. Whether participating in a 5K or running along a court or field, you need mobility in both the midfoot and rearfoot to ensure you do not get injured. Without the precise amount of freedom there, the sport becomes a health gamble, because your foot is unable to efficiently absorb the shock it takes on with each fall. Insoles provide the needed reinforcement in such cases, distributing the pressure each time you take a step, and propelling you efficiently and painlessly to the next. That holds tremendous weight when you happen to be competing at a serious event.
  • Foot injuries are of many types, with something specific to each, which makes it unique from at least one perspective. Logic says anyone insole would be incapable of preventing all potential injuries, but what about getting an insole made for your precise condition? You could begin using it and see that problem lessen and go away; for instance, plantar fasciitis sufferers commonly get custom shoe insoles designed to hit specifically those pain points that relate to the symptoms of this condition. If you need to get rid of heel pain, or could do with more arch support, then athletic insoles are the best solution. These are also able to fix a wider variety of conditions than most other insole types on the market.
  • Athletic insoles are not merely stability and comfort enhancers; they also result in the wearer giving a better performance when free from foot, hip, back, and neck pain. They afford a stronger grip as well as higher traction, which means you get to be quicker on your feet. The traction also makes slipping less likely as you move, because the position of the foot during those times is optimized for movement. That means there is less chance of injury, even if you are moving at a fast pace. Athletic insoles bring plenty of benefits, which your regular insoles do not, especially inside shoes that have started to wear down. For grueling runs and hectic competitions, it is best to have something like this backing up your play and making sure you come out on top.

No matter what product you choose to buy, you will need to first see a podiatrist if the issue is severe enough to stop you from regular activities. Based on how they diagnose it, and what type and measure of problem you are dealing with, you could get a recommendation out of them, at least as far as the type of insole to prefer. Use this when picking out something at the drug store, or better, online. A pedorthist would measure your foot and craft an insole based on its dimensions, ensuring you get not only the proper fit, but also the realigning benefits that most people love about custom orthotics.

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