The Benefits of Orthotics to Runners

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Everyone who has heard of orthotics has some idea of their effectiveness at treating not just heel pain, but also complex medical problems like plantar fasciitis. For people with the latter, there are specially designed orthotics, which cushion, support, and realign the damaged area, taking away pain and bringing about conditions necessary for the strained tissue to recover. What is often unclear though, is how far these benefits stretch when it comes to runners.

The Force Absorbed by a Runner’s Feet

Lots of people struggle to find, or stay completely unaware of, the ideal running pattern. They tend to either overpronate or underpronate by varying degrees, which means their feet turn either too much or too little when the heel strikes the ground. Even if you did achieve the perfect pattern, your feet still absorb tremendous force during this high impact activity. Someone at 150 pounds would feel around five times that weight, each time a foot landed on the ground.

Orthotics for Runners

Orthotics can be very helpful whether or not you have an existing plantar fasciitis problem. These things work to align the lower body and the feet properly, so that the wearer is able to achieve the optimal running pattern. That in turn ensures favorable distribution of impact over the entire lower body, while also cushioning the feet and providing comfort.

The Main Benefits

When you run while wearing orthotic inserts, regardless whether you have foot or heel pain already, it brings the following advantages.

  • A Fix to Gait Abnormalities and Excessive Pronation: When running, pronation is the act of collapsing the feet inward, and this is bad for the knees. It also raises the risk of developing plantar fasciitis as well as stress fractures. Orthotics can effectively prevent this for you as long as you wear them regularly.
  • Proper Alignment: Some of the best orthotics are capable of stabilizing your feet to the extent that the effects show in your whole body. Proper alignment is important when the feet strike the ground; after this is achieved, the rest of your body, including the hips, legs, and back, follow suit.
  • Preventative Care: Orthotics help to prevent a wide range of problems through the support they offer to various muscles and ligaments in your feet, including the plantar fascia. Hammer toe, shin splints, blisters, and tendonitis are some of the problems, which can be kept at bay by using arch support inserts.
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