The Benefits That Custom Orthotics Offer for Children

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Every child in a state of play has a few things in common with all other children his or her age. One of these is the risk for physical injury, which although can be lowered through certain preventative measures, is not something that ever completely goes away. The fact is that any human being that is able to move freely can sometimes become injured in motion, and children simply carry a greater risk where this is concerned.

Lower Limb Injury in Kids

Lower limb injuries are more common in kids, mainly because of the role the ankles and feet play in the movement. However, there are quite a few ways to effectively treat many of these without resorting to surgery. One of these involves prescribed use of custom foot orthotics, which could heavily benefit even younger patients.

Orthotic Therapy

You may have heard quite a bit about orthotic therapy, considering that it has caught on so quickly after it first came out. A lot of people think these things only work for adults, but this could not be farther from the truth. There are instances where orthotics have been advantageous to children, even more so than to adults. The main cause for this difference is that younger bodies are still developing, while adults are mostly past that stage.

Take bunions for example; they are often mistakenly put down to women’s shoes, but that is belied by the fact that men get bunions too. The real reason behind bunions forming is abnormal foot structure. Children with bunions on their feet can benefit a lot from using custom insoles designed specifically to prevent these from spreading. If your kid shows one of the early signs, it is often a wise move getting in touch with a competent podiatrist and getting an insole made for the child. Over the long run, it would spare him or her a lot of pain.

Flatfoot is another condition in children that orthotics can help with. Therapy started early on and stuck to properly, can steer a child’s physical development towards the normal path, and allay a major portion of concern from the parent’s side as well. This works best when done in conjunction with other general medical care, and in keeping with the advice and recommendations from a foot specialist. Done right, orthotic therapy can bring a world of good into your child’s life.

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