The Simplest Steps to Improving your Posture

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Any physical activity uses your back. You could be running, walking, standing still, sitting, or even lying down, and this fact would still apply. If your body position or posture is less than ideal while doing one or more of these things, you end up straining the muscles, nerves, and joints, which you use at the time. Over time, this gives birth to pains that can manifest anywhere from head to toe.

For this reason, posture holds special importance to a person’s physical wellbeing. When your body aligns properly, you have better overall health, higher lung capacity, ideally timed digestion, and lower muscle fatigue than the average human being. On top of that, your nervous system functions better, which can bring many benefits over the long term. If you identify or suspect a posture problem, taking the following steps can help you make useful and lasting improvements.

  • Look in a mirror to access your posture. Your head is supposed to be straight, shoulders and hips leveled, knees facing forward, and ankles and feet straight. On top of that, you should make sure that the spaces between the arms and sides are equal.
  • Find the neutral spine. Your spine has 3 natural curves: one at the neck, one at the middle back, and one at the lower back. In order to achieve neutral spine alignment, the first and last of those should curve inward to a slight degree, and the middle one should curve outward.
  • Place the feet apart by the same distance as your shoulder width. This need not be exact, so do it as properly as you can without straining yourself or breaking your view of the reflection.
  • Pull the shoulders back. Make sure that they are aligned directly over the hips, and make a conscious effort not to shrug.
  • Stand and walk keeping your head up. This works best if you imagine a helium balloon tied to your head. Make sure your ears are placed directly over the shoulders.
  • When sitting, sit up straight. This demands special attention whenever you are about to take a seat, and there are people in the room.
  • Contact your entire spine with the back of the chair. That means every part of it from the neck to the tailbone should be touching the chair.
  • Move on into the adopted posture: From that point forward, make sure that you maintain this posture whenever standing, sitting, moving, or laying down. You may also want to check out the best arch support inserts on the market, or get custom fit orthotics to help maintain good posture.
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