Treating Flat Feet Using Orthotics

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Proper treatment of flat feet depends on how severe your condition is, as well as the cause underlying it. Commonly, these symptoms are controllable using conservative care techniques, in which your podiatrist would normally recommend the following.

  • Pain medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Wearing suitable shoes for bringing support and stability to the arches
  • Using supportive insoles for stabilizing the heel and arch areas
  • Regular stretching exercises
  • Compression and ice to bring down pain and swelling

Wearing properly suited orthotic insoles can be immensely beneficial when seeking relief from foot and hip pain. These are capable of taking good care of your feet, and when combined with a physician-advised exercise program, can effectively mitigate the symptoms you are experiencing.

Picking the Right Insoles

When choosing an insole, it is important to go with something neither too flexible nor too rigid. If it were the former, the insole would feel “cushiony” right from the beginning. Many see that as comfortable, but the thing would fail to properly address the symptoms of flat feet, mainly due to the low support it provides. Such arch support inserts often get manufactured out of compressed foam, and lack the ability to bring any serious improvements to your foot condition.

If the insole were too rigid, in that it fails to compress sufficiently, then the shock from your foot hitting the ground would get transmitted back to the joints located higher up, causing knee, back, and ankle discomfort. Some insoles are even sold in “approximate sizing”, leading to wrong fit for many users, and consequent harm in no small measure.

There are also those sold in “in between” sizes, which are equally bad when you have a foot problem that needs resolving. The only way to make sure you come out on top of this is to get properly fitted insoles after checking with a qualified pedorthist.

After buying insoles that fit your feet, it would take at least a couple of weeks’ use before they are adequately broken in for you to begin reaping their full benefits. Before that happens, you may have to put up with minute discomfort, which stems from your unfamiliarity with the new type and level of support. Once you get over that and start wearing the insoles regularly, several of your foot problems should recede and eventually disappear.

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