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We send you a foam impression kit along with instructions on making a perfect foot impression.


Use the pre-paid mailing label to send back your foam impressions.


Our laser scanners create the perfect orthotic arch support and we send you custom orthotics directly to your door!

High Quality, Custom Fitted Orthotics
Backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee
A perfect combination of performance & technology. My players love their Footstar Orthotics!" - Jamie Creps, SR Physical Therapist for the Boston Red Sox
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There are two different categories of heel pain. The first is caused by over-use repetitive stress which refers to a soreness resulting from too much impact on a specific area of the foot. This condition, often referred to as "heel pain syndrome," can be caused by shoes with heels that are too low, a thinned out fat pad in the heel area, or from a sudden increase in activity.

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