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Get custom support and comfort in just three easy steps! All of our orthotics are made in the US and are guaranteed to be your favorite insoles or your money back!

Over 12,000 Satisfied Customers

"In the past 18 months I have had 2 hip replacements. While the surgeries were successful, my balance was affected. Footstar assessed my needs, and created the appropriate orthotic for the each leg. I am pain free, walking great , and playing fun tennis! I am 80 years old!"

Phyllis S., age 80

"I have been going to Footstar for several years. If I didn't have orthotics, I wouldn't be able to play sports or work out. They have helped correct my back pain and I'm thankful for Footstar. They consistently provide good service, a quality product, and always explain everything clearly and completely. Orthotics are not cheap, but they are worth every penny."

Laura P., Age 42

"I am over 50 and thought I could still play flag football with 25 year olds. Before that, I had no idea what plantar fasciitis was - it sucks! Fortunately, I went to Footstar. Since getting orthotics there, the pain is gone (but my flag football days are over!)"

Steve W., age 56

"I have very flat feet and mild arthritis in my toes. After paying $400 for orthotics from my doctor that didn't work I decided to give Footstar a shot. I'm glad I did! The pain and aches in my toes and knees are gone. Now I can hike as often as I want with no issues."

Brian M., Age 29

"The orthotics are awesome, and the process is awesome. I used the website to order custom orthotics for the loafers I wear daily. Footstar sent me a mold that I put my foot into which made it exactly what I need."

Yosef A., Age 34
  • We're confident you'll love our product as much as we do, which is why Footstar Orthotics stands behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

  • Things change, and we know it - that's why Footstar Orthotics will provide you with unlimited adjustments and alterations for 2 whole years after purchase.

  • You'll love your Footstar Orthotics insoles so much, you'll agree that two is better than one. Enjoy your second insole for 25% off and 35% off three or more.

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Over 70 Years In The Orthotics Business

Footstar combines old-world Italian artisanship, modern technology and unparalleled customer service to provide immediate comfort and peace of mind that is unique to you.

Your needs are as unique as you are. We don’t believe in “one size fits all”. We craft your inserts to soothe your pain and discomfort. See why thousands of customers and dozens of pro sports teams have trusted the Arciuolo family with their orthotics needs for generations.

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