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Footstar High Heel Orthotic Insoles

Everyone deserves to feel good about stepping into a pair of heels.

With custom high-heel orthotics at Footstar, wearing your favorite heels is more comfortable than ever. Each orthotic insole is made from top-grade materials and custom-fit to the unique contours of your feet, giving you a level of stability and support you won't find with off-the-shelf insoles.

As discreet, thin high heel insert, you can use them in any pair of heels, allowing you to wear them comfortably for longer periods of time.

Step into comfier heels today

Transform your heel-wearing experience when you order Footstar high heel orthotic insoles.

Begin today using the order form on this page, and please contact our team any time to learn more about your custom high heel orthotic insoles.

Custom high heel orthotics make it a joy to dress up

It's no big secret that heels aren’t always comfortable. Yet, they may be a staple part of your wardrobe. With Footstar custom high heel orthotics, you can slip into your favorite pair, while getting back stability and comfort in your legs and feet.

Many people can benefit from our high heel orthotics

Whether you're suffering from a common foot ailment or you simply want more comfort when wearing heels, our custom orthotics can help. Each insole is custom-fit and designed to support the unique shape of your feet.

Unlike off-the-shelf insoles, we don't use hard plastics that'll place pressure on your feet. Instead, we focus on gentle yet robust materials that'll support you with every step you take. Each one is carefully crafted down to the last millimeter, so you can be sure you're receiving a truly bespoke product.

Some of the people who come to us for inserts include:

  • Women who suffer from foot ailments like plantar fasciitis or heel spurs
  • Sportspeople who are more prone to foot pain than most
  • Professionals who spend a lot of time on their feet, such as doctors and nurses
  • Individuals with orthopedic conditions that affect their knees or hips

How our custom high heel orthotics are made

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your feet. If you visit us in our store, we’ll take a digital contour map of your feet. If you live anywhere else in the US, we can ship you a foam impression box — you’ll make a mold of your feet and send it back to us. We'll also ask you to tell us the height of the heel you’ll wear with your orthotics, as well as any pain or discomfort you feel in your feet.

Once we've taken your measurements, we can get to work on creating your unique orthotics. Within a week from the time we start, your orthotics will be ready in our store or on their way to your door.

Our custom high heel orthotics benefit from the best materials

We use EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), a thick and comfortable foam that moves with the shape of your feet rather than against them. Each top cover is made with an antimicrobial waterproof and sweatproof material called Spanko. For sturdy flexibility as you walk, we use strong, lightweight carbon fiber.

Once you wear your custom orthotics, you'll never look back. With each step you take, the materials we use will absorb the pressure of your steps and minimize the impact on your knees and hips. They'll help to align your body's weight, so you can enjoy the comfortable heel-wearing experience you've always craved.

You'll never compromise your outfits for the sake of comfort again

If you've ever looked at a pair of heels and then set them aside because you know they'll cause discomfort, these orthotics are for you. Stay confident and comfortable when you’re dressed to look your best, with Footstar's custom-made high heel orthotics.

Order your custom-made heel orthotics today

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