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Footstar Sandal Insoles

Sandals are great for keeping your feet cool and comfortable in warm weather. But it’s hard to find a pair that really supports your feet, even if you buy expensive sandals made from good quality materials.

Footstar sandal orthotics are custom-made solutions that can fit easily and discreetly in all of your favorite summer shoes, making your days more comfortable throughout the entire season. They sit discreetly in your sandals, and Velcro holds them in place to give you sturdy, invisible support all summer long.

Order your sandal orthotics today

Footstar sandal orthotics deliver a higher level of comfort with all of your low-profile shoes. Our ¾ length inserts work in your flats, sandals, clogs, and more.

Use the form on this page to order yours today, and please contact us any time with questions about our orthotics or our customization process.

Greater Versatility and Comfort with Sandal Orthotics

Our sandal insoles combine the ideal cushioning with the perfect level of structure and support. Like all of our orthotics, they’re custom-made from top-quality materials and generations of experience.

Who Can Benefit from Footstar Sandal Orthotics

Sandal orthotics are great for anyone who wants a higher level of comfort throughout warmer days. Whether you plan to go walking in a pair of sports sandals, wear dressy sandals to work, or a pair of flip flops at the local pool — our custom sandal orthotics can make your experience more comfortable.

Exceptional shock absorption and proper alignment shift stress away from your problem areas and alleviate pain. Our cushioned top covers are made with Spanko. This patented antimicrobial material is waterproof and sweatproof to help keep your feet dry and fresh. There is also carbon in the inserts for added durability.

Many people seek custom orthotics for relief from a wide range of orthopedic conditions including Plantar Fasciitis, Low Back Pain, High Arches, Shin Splints, Knee Pain, Arthritis, and more.

However, please note — While these insoles can provide high-quality relief and support, they are not corrective orthotics designed to cure or prevent any specific condition. We are able to provide specialized corrective orthotics at our Milford, Connecticut store.

Nonetheless, unlike off-the-shelf insoles, they are a custom solution. Our insoles support your arches, maintain the position of your foot, and provide comfort without ever collapsing under your weight.

How Footstar Sandal Orthotics Are Made

Placing your order

When you place your order, let us know in the “Special instructions” section what type of sandals you plan on wearing with your insoles and what activities you’ll typically use them for. (For example, I wear sports sandals and I do a lot of walking in them.) Later when we’re making the insoles, we’ll make adjustments to accommodate your exact needs.

Then to begin, we’ll send you a foam impression kit in the mail. You’ll take an impression of both feet and send it back in the pre-paid postage we provide.

If you visit our store in Milford, CT, we can skip the foam impression box and simply take a digital impression of your feet in our store.

Custom crafting your insoles

We’ll use your foam impression to make a digital 3D contour map that reflects both your feet to the millimeter, so we can create the perfect fit. We use Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), waterproof Spanko, and other high grade materials to make arch supports that are the perfect combination of soft, strong, and supportive.

Start enjoying greater support and comfort

Once your custom inserts are ready, we will ship them to you, and you can start enjoying custom comfort in your favorite pair of sandals.

Enjoy a 60-day money-back guarantee, plus unlimited adjustments for up to two years.

Enjoy Your Favorite Activities Pain-Free!

Our insoles conform to the biomechanics of your foot. You get the type and level of support you need to make all of your activities pain-free. Footstar has been providing relief for generations. Get the sandal orthotics you need to start enjoying the comfort you’ve been missing.

Sandal Orthotics Can Make A World Of Difference

Simply fill out the form above (providing any notes in the “Special instructions” box), we’ll get to work creating your custom fit, and soon you’ll start getting greater comfort and enjoyment out of your lifestyle.

Contact us here or call 866-403-3272 to order your custom sandal orthotic insoles today.