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Footstar Cleat Orthotic Insoles

Featuring a narrower and lower profile to fit perfectly in athletic footwear, custom cleat orthotic insoles from Footstar are designed to be sweatproof and handle quick changes in motion. Our performance insoles will give you the surest footing of anyone on the field.

A little extra control can turn a good performance into a great one.

Made from razor-thin yet durable carbon fiber, our insoles help you gain greater control and comfort on the field. Whatever sport you play, our custom cleat orthotics give you extra support for running, kicking, cutting, stopping, shooting, cycling, and more.

Custom Sports Orthotics

Custom Cleat Insoles for Cycling

A key part of your biking gear is a great pair of shoes, and your cycling shoes aren’t the best they can be until they’re fitted with a pair of custom insoles. They’ll give your feet excellent support, so foot pain is one less challenge you’ll have to overcome while cycling.

Custom Cleat Orthotics for Football

In football, a lot of important footwork happens at the front of your feet, while running quick routes or putting pressure on the opposing line. Whatever position you play, we’ll craft your custom football orthotics for the exact support you need to play at your best.

Custom Cleat Insoles for Soccer

In soccer, your foot tenses when you kick the ball. Custom soccer insoles are designed to give you the best possible cushion when it lands, plus excellent support for stopping and starting as you run. They create custom support for you and your game.

And more

Whether you play baseball, lacrosse, or any other cleat sport, let us know at checkout or call 866-403-3272, and we’ll craft custom insoles that give you the exact support you need.

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Fancy footwork is easier, and more comfortable, with custom cleat insoles

Footstar’s custom high-performance cleat orthotic insoles are the final step to better footwork on the field and off. They are tailor-made to the activities you plan to use them for and custom-designed for your unique activities.

Trust us for the best fit. We offer four generations of experience and only use the highest quality materials. For your convenience, we can take an impression of your foot in-store or by mail.

Performance Cleat Orthotics

Performance cleat orthotic insoles from Footstar deliver incredible stability, perfect control, and amazing comfort, no matter your sport. Designed with top performance athletes in mind, anyone with an active lifestyle can benefit from both sports orthotics and insoles for cleats.

Complete the form on this page to order your cleat insoles today, and please feel free to call 866-403-3272 or contact us here any time for more information.

Custom Orthotics Insoles for Performance Sports

Nobody places stress on their feet quite like athletes do, and your cleats are supposed to be an investment. But unfortunately, with the constant activity of athletics even the priciest shoes don’t guarantee comfort in the long term. Whether you play football, baseball, lacrosse, ice or field hockey, soccer, or any other field sport; it’s important to protect your feet from injury and pain.

Your feet are the foundation of your body, and any injury to them can end up affecting other areas of your body. Even mild discomfort caused by athletic footwear that doesn’t fit well or provide the support you need can cause considerable damage over time.

Although athletic footwear is developed with specific sports in mind, most are not designed to support the unique needs of individual athletes. Even the most expensive pair of running shoes can do with a little additional help, because as supportive as they are — they weren’t made for you specifically.

How Our Custom Cleat Orthotics Insoles Are Made

Our cleat insoles have moderate padding that provides shock absorption and increases pressure relief, typically featuring arch support that helps to prevent arch collapse and distribute pressure evenly across the foot.

Custom cleat orthotic insoles from Footstar are designed for use in cycling cleats, soccer cleats, football cleats, and other tight-fitting athletic footwear. They are engineered to absorb impact shock, provide foot support, and add incredible comfort.

Every custom orthotic insole from Footstar is made with a variety of high-performance materials. For custom cleat orthotics these include:

  • A razor-thin layer of carbon fiber — a strong, durable, and flexible material that is used for everything from jet planes to golf clubs and takes up minimal space in your shoes.
  • A cushioned Spanko top cover — this patented material is antimicrobial, waterproof, and sweatproof and will keep your inserts fresh and clean even after hours on the field.

Whatever your needs, our team can make insoles for any style of shoe by simply selecting the right balance of durable, shock-absorbent, flexible, tough, cushioned, and waterproof qualities.

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