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Insoles For Bulging Discs

It is said that about 75% of Americans will experience one or more types of foot pain in their lives, and usually this occurs because of issues with their shoes. Many turn to custom orthotics to align your foot and ankle into the best anatomic position. Orthotics typically look like shoe insoles, but as the name implies, they are personalized to correct your specific foot issue. Our custom orthotics are available for all types of shoes so you can minimize your pain in any situation. Check out our custom orthotics for sneakers, work boots, casual shoes, high heel shoes, sandals, dress shoes, waterproof shoes, and cleats.

Custom orthotics are unique in that they treat the root cause of the problem, as opposed to simply treating the area where the pain is located. Many sufferers of chronic lower body pain seek out physiotherapy to treat the areas of concern. In these situations, the pain resides for a time, and then returns when a person resumes their normal activities. The alignment of the foot actually needs to be corrected on a consistent basis, and this concept can apply to anyone. The only real path to consistent alignment of the foot with the rest of the lower body, and relief from foot pain altogether, is through the use of custom orthotics.

We take great measures to ensure that clients receive the support they need at a reasonable custom orthotics cost. While the term “custom” automatically brings about the idea of “high cost”, this isn’t always the case. So, in terms of product, what can you expect, and how does this compare with others across the industry?

The Process Of Making Custom Bulging Discs Orthotics

So how do we make our custom insoles for bulging discs? Once you place an order, Footstar Orthotics will send you a foam impression kit in the mail. All you have to do is follow the simple instructions to create foam impressions of your feet. Once they are mailed back to us postage-free, we will scan the impressions with digital imaging software to create orthotics that are perfectly molded to your feet.

Our turnaround time is typically 10 days to 14 days after we receive your foam impression. This is compared to the industry standard for custom orthotic production, which is 4-6 weeks. Our team prides ourselves on our quick turnaround times. We also offer storefront options in the southern Connecticut area for those with additional questions they would like to resolve in-person.

Footstar Orthotics is a company whose processes have evolved over time. Before the scale of digital imaging, we had a slightly different approach to the creation of custom orthotics. Cost, we understand, is definitely a factor when making an insole for bulging discs purchase. However, our current methods have yielded the greatest results.

What options exist beyond our foam approach? Many other custom bulging discs orthotics processes are rooted in a plaster casting of the foot. Sometimes gait analysis, or a biomechanical examination of your feet as you walk, will be used as well. Our approach was based on customer experience. While plaster (and three-dimensional plaster) casting have been normative in creating custom orthotics for years, it can be a time-consuming, somewhat invasive process for the person already experiencing foot pain. Foam impressions model the foot and ankle areas accurately and allow you to begin the process in the comfort of your own home, and without making any appointments. In addition to that, our process is based on expert analysis of your foot balance through a certified podiatrist using the top-of-market digital imaging technology. Clients consistently get valuable analysis as well as a product that will improve their health and quality of life for a low custom orthotics cost.