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Footstar Family History

The Arciuolo family has been making orthotics since World War II. Matt Arciuolo Sr. began making custom arch supports in his twenties in his family’s shop - Arciuolo’s Shoes in Milford, CT - and eventually passed the craft and tradition to his son Matt Jr.

In 2001, Matt Jr. founded Footstar Orthotics, a custom insole brand that combines decades of expert craftsmanship with cutting-edge digital technology. The company quickly grew into CT’s most well-known orthotic brand. From the start, each customer received an in-depth evaluation that included pressure mapping, contour mapping, gait analysis and footwear assessment. The customer’s orthotics were then laser-cut to Matt’s exact specifications. The result was an incredibly comfortable, highly effective correction.

Amid a great deal of in-person popularity, Footstar Orthotics began to offer its services online. People all over the world were able to place orders for fully custom orthotics delivered right to their homes thanks to Footstar's over-the phone evaluations and foam box impression kits. Footstar Orthotics quickly became synonymous with effective support and correction across the country. In 2005, Footstar’s reputation garnered the attention of the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Olympic Teams, and Footstar thus began making custom orthotics for the nation’s highest-tier athletes.

After working together for several seasons, the US Bobsled Team coaching staff approached Matt with a simple but intriguing question. They wanted to know if there was anything Footstar could provide to make their athletes faster. Matt had an idea, and immediately began to work on what would become the nation’s most popular performance insole.

Out of the needs of an Olympic team, the ultimate test for athletic performance footwear, was born the VKTRY insole, a full-length carbon fiber insert designed to increase explosiveness and propulsion in athletes. Independent clinical trials proved that the VKTRY insole made wearers run faster and jump higher while preventing injury. This was a truly groundbreaking technology previously unheard of in an athletic orthotic insole of any kind. This laid the foundation for VKTRY Performance, an athletic brand currently used by over 400 professional and NCAA Division 1 sports teams.

Today the Arciuolo family of brands encompasses Arciuolo’s Shoes, CT’s oldest shoe store; Footstar Orthotics, one of the nation’s fastest growing custom orthotic brands; and VKTRY Gear, a national leader in technologically and ergonomically advanced athletic wear.

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