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Best Insoles For Herniated Discs

Herniated Discs and How to Treat Them

Herniated discs are a very painful condition that many people face. This issue is present in the spinal cord and causes a large amount of discomfort and secondary effects. In the spinal cord there are dozens of discs that are situated between the vertebrae that make up the spine. A herniated disc occurs when one of these discs, which is often referred to as a jelly, escapes its desired position through a tear in the spinal exterior. As a result, the disc starts to push on neighboring nerves, which send an insupportable amount of pain throughout the back. In some cases, the herniated disc does not disrupt the nerves around it, rendering it painless and often undiagnosed.

Using custom orthotics is a great way to relieve the pain caused by herniated discs.  We have custom insoles for every shoe type, so you can really find the perfect pair. If you spend the day on your feet, our work boot orthotics might be the best insoles for Herniated Discs solution.

When an individual does feel pain, however, it often soars to their arms or legs, causing general numbness accompanied by a tingling sensation. In order to treat this condition, individuals often take pain medication, reduce their physical activities, wear orthotic solutions, or in extreme cases talk to their doctor to see if they are a good candidate for surgery.

Herniated discs hardly ever call for surgical procedures, however, because it is a high risk surgery that is not usually needed. In most cases, doctors will prescribe their patients some medication, instruct them on ways to ease pain and live a normal life, suggest cortisone injections, or simply get them to start wearing corrective orthopedics. At Footstar, we've developed orthotics for all kinds of shoes, making it easy to find the perfect pair for you.  Check out our casual shoe orthotics, dress shoe orthotics, sandal orthotics and more. 

Herniated Discs and Feet Imbalances

When suffering from a herniated disc, people are often recommended to buy corrective orthopedics. This is because back issues often stem from poor foot structure. When these individuals begin wearing the best insoles for Herniated Discs, their weight begins to properly distribute to the right joints, making it easier to walk.
In the end, most people can find solace from their joint or back issues by wearing the right type of footwear or orthopedic solutions. This is because a foot imbalance tends to affect the ankles, knees, hips, back, and spinal cord.