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Best Orthotics For High Arches

Footstar Orthotics Delivers Pain Relief

Footstar Orthotics is an expert provider of custom orthotics. We have a long history within the foot-care business, and we pride ourselves in our ability to provide pain relief for people who suffer from aches associated with high arches in their feet. Footstar utilizes innovative technology to provide perfectly formed and effective orthotics for high arches, which are delivered straight to your door. Our 3-step process is simple and efficient. All of our clients receive a foam impression kit in the mail, which is used to create an accurate impression of your feet. This kit is then mailed back to us using a pre-paid mailing label. We will use the impression kit to create an orthotic that is perfectly formed to your foot, and within a short amount of time, you will receive your custom orthotics directly to your door. There is no better way to find pain relief from high arches than with one of our custom made orthotics. No matter the type of shoe you wear, we have the right custom orthotics for you. For your everyday casual shoes, we've come up with casual shoe orthotics. If you live an active lifestyle, we offer custom sneaker orthotics.

If you are considering purchasing orthotics for high arches or if you want to learn more about the common causes of pain associated with high arches, we are dedicated to providing more information and assistance to anyone in need.

What are High Arches?

Having high arches is a foot condition in which a person has an overtly high arch in between the ball and the heel of the foot. This is more scientifically known as cavus foot, which is a condition that can lead to a variety of aches and pains for those who live with the condition. High arches that do not have adequate arch support can cause an excess of weight to be placed on the ball and the heel of the foot whenever a person is walking, standing, or running. This condition can cause pain and instability for people who leave it untreated in any manner. There are a variety of signs and symptoms that can help identify the condition such as hammertoes or claw toes, excessive callouses on the different parts of the foot, pain and inflammation, and instability when standing or moving. It is possible for high arches to develop at any age, and it is possible for it to happen in just one foot or both feet.

High arches are not always easily identifiable, but a doctor can use a variety of symptoms as indicators for the foot condition. Feet are tested for muscle strength, and walking patterns are also analyzed to help give indication of existing high arches. If it is necessary, x-rays may also be used to determine if a person is suffering from high arches in the feet. In extreme circumstances of cavus foot, corrective surgery may be required to adequately address the affected foot. However, in most cases, patients can treat their condition with orthotics for high arches or other types of shoe modifications. Typically, non-surgical methods of treatment are advised as the first step to treating the condition, with the most common treatment being high arch support inserts. Orthotics can make a big difference for the level of comfort and the alleviation of pain for any person with high arches.

High arches and the pain that can be associated with them are different for every person, but this does not mean that we treat any of our customers differently. We are constantly doing our best to help every person find pain relief from high arches because any amount of pain is too much for anyone.

What Type of Pain is Associated with High Arches?

There is a wide variety of pain that can be associated with a person who has high arches. The pain can vary a great deal from one person to the next, and typically depends on the severity of the condition. There are different factors that attribute to pain from high arches, including the extremeness of the arch height, the capacity for mobility of the joints in the feet, the weight of a person, and the amount of stress induced from a person’s daily activities. Some people who live with high arches feel little to no pain, while others can suffer from severe pain. There is a wide range of symptoms and pain that can be felt for people who have developed a cavus foot, which range in all levels of discomfort and severity.

Mild Symptoms

  • Difficulties finding adequate foot wear due to abnormal foot formations
  • Discomfort around the joint of the ankle
  • Instability standing up
  • Shorter length of feet
  • Buildup of callouses

Severe Symptoms

  • Pain in the affected feet from standing or moving
  • Pain in the ball of the foot
  • Pain in the heel of the foot
  • Pain or discomfort in the arch of the foot
  • Stress fractures in the bones of the affected foot
  • Potential for ulcers from complications with diabetes or poor blood circulation
  • Early onset of degenerative joint diseases
  • Tightness in the Achilles tendon
  • Pain in the knees
  • Pain in the hips
  • Pain in the lower back

The level of pain felt by each person suffering from high arches can vary, but continued stress and persistent pain can directly affect a person’s wellbeing and livelihood. This means that treating that pain should be a top priority for any provider of custom made orthotics, and it is something that we continually strive for at Footstar.

What are the Causes of High Arches?

High arches can be caused by a variety of factors, and each case is unique to some extent. The severity of the condition depends on the cause, which makes it even more critical to accurately diagnose as the best possible treatment. This can also help determine if the condition is likely to become progressively worse, or if it will remain stable over time. Cases of high arches can be the result of neurological disorders, or they can come from some sort of inherited structural abnormality. High arches that are caused by a neurological disorder are more likely to become progressively worse, while instances of high arches that are a result of an inherited condition are not as likely to change over time.

Common Causes of High Arches

  • Normal Variant – Humans come in all shapes and sizes, and this is no different for feet. Some people who have high arches have simply been born with a higher arch. The extent of these types of cases can vary, but these are not usually very severe cases.
  • Hereditary – For some cases of high arches, the condition has pre-existed in the family line and has been passed down as a hereditary trait. The severity of cases caused by an inherited condition can vary in severity, but are usually stable or predictable based on the family history.
  • Congenital Conditions – A congenital condition is also known as a deformity or birth defect, and is representative of some sort of anomaly that exists at birth. There are many causes for congenital conditions, and the severity of these types of cases can also vary depending on the diagnosis.
  • Neuromuscular Disease – A neuromuscular disease is a disorder that can affect the muscles and nerves in a body. High arches can be a symptom of some neuromuscular diseases like poliomyelitis or other degenerative diseases. The severity of these cases is usually much higher than other causes of high arches.
  • Nerve Trauma – Nerve trauma or severe damage to the nerves can also be a cause of high arches. The severity of cases as a result of nerve trauma can also vary depending on the extent of the damage.

What are the Long-Term Consequences of Untreated High Arches?

High arched feet can lead to more severe consequences if they are left untreated in any way. Depending on the cause of the high arches, the condition is more or less likely to become progressively worse. However even in less severe cases of high arches, more symptoms can gradually appear if they are not cared for. The most common long term consequences of untreated high arches are the development of hammertoes or claw toes and the development of thick callouses on areas of the foot that endure more stress from daily activities. It is also likely that the level of pain felt from high arches will become increasingly worse if they are not treated with something even as simple as insoles.

As with any medical condition, there is a tendency for it to become worse if nothing is done to improve the situation. This is most noticeable in severe cases of high arches as they tend to progress over time, but long term consequences can manifest in mild instances of high arches as well. Daily pain that persists or is aggravated from excessive physical activities typically becomes worse over time with a higher level of pain felt by the person with high arches. The best course of action for any person who feels symptoms from high arches is to seek appropriate treatment.

How Do Orthotics Help Alleviate Pain from High Arches?

Orthotics for high arches helps alleviate pain by bringing the foot back into normal alignment. An orthotic is designed to provide high arch support on the areas of the foot that requires it the most. This helps to reduce the pain and stress on parts of the foot that typically bear more weight due to the abnormality in the structure of the foot. Using high arch support inserts such as orthotics aid a person in holding a more normal stance and taking a truer step. This has overall beneficial effects on the body by improving a bodily relationship known as the kinetic chain.

The kinetic chain is a medical term that refers to the concept that every moving joint and muscle can have direct effects on the adjoining parts of the body. When any one part of a kinetic chain is misaligned, it can have negative effects on each corresponding part of the body. If you consider the foot as the base of the kinetic chain, this can mean that a misaligned step due to a high arch can cause even more issues throughout the body. Orthotics and other types of high arch support insoles can reduce this pain by helping keep the foot in a more natural position, as well as by providing additional support to deficient areas of the foot. This relieves areas of the foot that would otherwise be forced to bear more weight than it should, which in turn has a beneficial effect on the rest of the body. Orthotics for high arches are designed to do exactly this, but this is also part of the reason that it is important to have custom fitted orthotics. Custom orthotics are even better at helping alleviate pain from high arches because they are made specifically to support the most important areas for any individual foot.

Why are Footstar’s Orthotics the Best Option?

Footstar Orthotics are the best option for any person who is seeking relief from high arches because it has been proven to work. Footstar is a 4th generation business that has been dedicated to helping people live fuller lives by providing expert pain relief through our custom made orthotics. Our mission is to inform and assist people who live with the symptoms and pain associated with high arches, which means that we take each orthotic seriously and always strive to make the best orthotics for high arches. We employ the most cutting edge technology available in order to consistently create perfectly formed orthotics for high arches. Our dedication and expertise make Footstar Orthotics the best option for any person who wants pain relief from high arches that works.

Innovative Technology

Footstar has been proven to be the best option for high arch support inserts because we have developed our product using the best possible technology. At every stage of the process, we employ innovative technology in order to ensure that we are able to create the best possible orthotics for high arches. We understand how important it is to have an accurately formed orthotic, so we are dedicated to pursuing every way possible in the creation of perfectly fitted insoles. In order to maximize our accuracy and ability to make great orthotics, we use specialized technology to accurately measure the foot, create the best design to support the abnormal structures in the foot, and manufacture an orthotic that is best suited to each client. We have been improving our technology for years, and we are continually searching for new ways to create high arch support inserts, along with new methods of alleviating pain that is associated with high arches.

Our technological processes are advanced within the field of foot care, and we make sure that we are always well informed on any new medical advances or techniques that may be able to help our customers. Some companies may rely on technology to simply reproduce the same model of orthotic over and over, however we know through research and analysis that the best treatment for most types of foot conditions is with custom orthotics individually designed for a specific foot. By following this standard, we are able to ensure that we are truly the best option for orthotics that are capable of creating a significant improvement for our customers.

Easy Ordering Process

Part of what makes Footstar the best option for anyone seeking pain relief from high arches is our extremely easy ordering process. Not many orthotic companies are capable of providing their clients with such perfectly formed orthotics without their clients even stepping out the door. We know that mobility issues and persistent pain can be a symptom of high arches, so we have designed our ordering process to be easily accessible by anyone, whether they have a busy schedule or a difficulty with walking. This means that any person can have a great custom orthotic just by going through the simple steps of our ordering process.

  • Step 1.

The first step to getting a Footstar orthotic is selecting one of our products that is most suited to your need. We offer orthotics for many different types of shoes from cleats to sneakers, and each can be custom made to fit your foot perfectly.

  • Step 2.

Once you have selected your desired product and the purchase has been confirmed, we will send you a foam impression kit in the mail. The foam impression kit can be used to take an accurate impression of your foot, which will be used to create an expertly fitted orthotic.

  • Step 3.

Once you have created the impression of your foot or feet using the foam impression kit, all that needs to be done is to send it back to us using the pre-paid shipping label included in the delivery of the kit.

  • Step 4.

We will use the impression to create a custom orthotic for you, which will be immediately mailed directly to your door. It’s that easy!

We have designed this ordering process to be as simple as possible. However, we still have important standards to uphold in order to ensure that our custom orthotics are as effective as they can be. This means that we take care at every step of the ordering process in order to provide perfectly fitted custom orthotics as quickly as we are able to do so.

Expert Staff

Part of the greater reason that Footstar’s orthotics are one of the best options available is due to our expert staff. Our staff is totally dedicated to our mission of improving lives through providing pain relief from foot conditions. The staff at all levels of our organization are experienced, committed, and knowledgeable people, and each one of them contributes to help make us the best option for high arch support inserts. As a 4th generation business, we have been in business for many years, which means that we know exactly what we are doing when it comes to providing pain relief from high arches. We always make sure that a strong network of professionals is there to support every one of our clients. All of our employees take pride in their work and go further than they need to deliver an outstanding orthotic product. This helps us remain consistent and continually improve as we develop our techniques and treatments.

Not only are our dedicated staff member’s experts at their jobs, they are also experts at providing great customer service. Our staff cares about customer satisfaction, which means that we always do what we can to make sure that everyone can walk away happy and feeling better than before!

Proven History of Customer Service and Total Satisfaction

Perhaps the biggest testament to Footstar Orthotics as the best choice for anyone seeking pain relief from high arches is our resounding history of customer satisfaction. We have been a successful orthotic company for many years, and over this time we have helped many people improve their lives as a result of the pain relief they have received from our products. There are many individuals who will attest to our ability to help them when no one else could, and we take this as the greatest measurement of our success. Our ultimate goal is to leave every customer satisfied with each one of our products.

We care about treating our customers well as much as we care about creating great orthotics. This means that we are methodical in our approach, and we will do anything to get the best result possible. Customer service to us means listening to our clients, so that we can use your feedback to improve our processes. Customer satisfaction to us means pain relief from high arches or any other foot condition that our orthotics can help with. Footstar Orthotics are with you every step of the way, which is just another great reason that makes our orthotics the best possible choice for effective high arch support insoles.

For more information about our orthotics and how they can help you, feel free to contact one of our helpful representatives, or take a look at our online shop today.