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Shoe Inserts For Hip Pain

Hip Arthritis: An Overview

Hip arthritis is a common condition that occurs when the tissues and cartilage around the hip bones begin to degenerate. This shock-absorbing cartilage is absolutely necessary for a body to function correctly, as having it is the difference between pain and comfort. Although hip arthritis is more present in the older community, it can very well affect the younger generation as well. This is because arthritis is not limited by age and can manifest itself through genetics, obesity, overuse, and injury. The trouble with cartilage is that once it wears away, the body is not able to produce it again. When someone has severe hip arthritis they tend to have problems walking and completing simple tasks. While the existence of knee arthritis might become painfully obvious, hip arthritis might take longer for a physician to locate. This is because the pain felt from this condition is often confused by groin, lower back, or thigh pain.

Luckily, custom orthotic insoles help ease the pain of hip arthritis, making everyday more bearable. If you need sneaker orthotics to make walking easier, you've come to the right place. If your hip problems are making it harder to work, we offer custom dress shoe orthotics.

The Correlation Between Hip Arthritis and Foot Imbalances

When someone has hip arthritis, they often feel as though they have poor balance and stability. This is because their body has been using other joints to support its weight, which can end up causing a lot more harm than good.

In order to minimize the pain in their hips, people with this condition are going to start using their legs differently. Doing so is going to put extended pressure onto the soles, arches, and heels of the feet, as well as the knees and ankles.

Depending on the recommendations made from your health care provider, a great way to help the body support its weight is to use a cane or wear custom made orthotics. Having custom shoe inserts for hip pain can change the way an individual stacks their weight onto their feet. This is because appropriate padding and textile tissues are placed in problematic areas of the foot, causing it to find balance and relief.