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Custom Shoe Orthotics With You In Mind

A Century Of Tradition Combined With Cutting Edge Technology
When you order your custom insoles from Footstar, it's an easy 3 step process.

Make a foam impression of your foot at home with our postage-free kit.

We model your foot in 3D and design a precise, custom orthotic.

We ship your custom inserts for free!

Once we receive your foam impressions we can begin building out your custom insoles. We use the latest technologies to scan your foot impressions that then allows us to create and deliver exactly what you need in order to start living pain-free. Your custom insoles are made in-house to provide you with a top of the line product that makes us proud.

No matter the type of shoe, Footstar is able to provide you with a custom insert to help you remain pain-free during everyday activity. Choosing Footstar gives you access to free unlimited adjustments for the first 2 years, same day adjustments, and communication with a licensed pedorthist.

If you would like to speak to someone about your orthotics, please call 866-435-4204 

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