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We use the latest technology, plus Carbon Fiber and EVA, a durable and comfortable foam to assure the best custom orthotics possible at a economical price.
See why thousands of customers and dozens of pro sports teams use Footstar.
Helping a Young Lady to Overcome a Nightmare
Matt Arciuolo (Founder Footstar & VKTRY Insoles) & Maddie
“After coaching multiple sports at the highschool level for 20 years you learn to cultivate success by building a family culture. You teach your athletes that the team matters more than the individual. You teach them about love, perseverance, caring and doing things for others. These characteristics are everything and more that VKTRY has shown me and my family. My 15 year old daughter went through a bad accident and had over 15 surgeries, lost two toes and has mobility of only her big toe. She had an infection set in on her right foot that the doctors had to control, in order for her not to lose her forefoot. They took skin from her right thigh covering the length of her quad and made a vascular flap that wrapped around her foot. My daughter was in the hospital over 2 months and a recovery that is still ongoing, over a year in a half. She is a very talented athlete that plays multiple sports on club and school teams. We saw many Dr.s and tried many different orthotics over this time period.

We couldn’t really find anything that worked until I saw the VKTRY Instagram posts. I called VKTRY headquarters and ended up talking to Matt Arciuolo, who is the founder of these amazing carbon insoles. After talking with Matt multiple times we decided to drive thru the night to Milford CT from northern Illinois. A 15 hour trip! We showed up to Matt’s store, where himself/staff and family worked on Maddies VKTRY orthotics for two days. While we were there, Matt helped another young lady (12yr old soccer player) that flew in from Hawaii with her dad with similar issues as my daughter. She was born with 3 toes and a foot way smaller than her other. They did all this on a holiday weekend, helped two young ladies build confidence and be confident with their disabilities. Changed their lives!!!

These inserts not only helped Maddie physically but mentally as well. She is back playing basketball on my JV team as a freshmen. She is continuing to work on soccer and has the confidence to be nothing short of a miracle. She has inspired friends, family, coaches, teammates and many more through her journey. If it wasn’t for Matt and his kindness I don’t know where we would be right now. Matt and his team are part of our Family now!! We owe so much to him and his company. If you know the people behind the product then you will know this product is legit. I can’t say enough about VKTRY and what they do. They put their heart and soul into what they do and they are willing to go the extra mile!”
- Casey S.
I am pain free and walking great
"In the past 18 months I have had 2 hip replacements. While the surgeries were successful, my balance was affected. Footstar assessed my needs, and created the appropriate orthotic for the each leg. I am pain free, walking great , and playing fun tennis! I am 80 years old!"
- Phyllis S., age 80
They have helped correct my back pain
"I have been going to Footstar for several years. If I didn’t have orthotics, I wouldn’t be able to play sports or work out. They have helped correct my back pain and I’m thankful for Footstar. They consistently provide good service, a quality product, and always explain everything clearly and completely. Orthotics are not cheap, but they are worth every penny."
- Laura P., Age 42
Since getting orthotics the pain is gone
"I am over 50 and thought I could still play flag football with 25 year olds. Before that, I had no idea what plantar fasciitis was - it sucks! Fortunately, I went to Footstar. Since getting orthotics there, the pain is gone (but my flag football days are over!)"
- Steve W., age 56
Now I can hike as often as I want
"I have very flat feet and mild arthritis in my toes. After paying $400 for orthotics from my doctor that didn’t work I decided to give Footstar a shot. I’m glad I did! The pain and aches in my toes and knees are gone. Now I can hike as often as I want with no issues."
- Brian M., Age 29
These orthotics have been a game-changer
"I had recurring ankle issues. These orthotics have been a game-changer in offering the right support!"
- Meera N., age 40
Footstar’s orthotics have been a blessing
"Being a chef means always being on the move. Footstar’s orthotics have been a blessing for my tired feet."
- Lisa Q., age 39
I dance pain-free
"Dancing is my passion, but it used to leave my feet in agony. Now, with my Footstar orthotics, I dance pain-free!"
- Neel K., age 34
Footstar proved me wrong
"I thought my foot discomfort was something I had to live with. Footstar proved me wrong!"
- Grace L., age 47
Never knew the importance of proper foot support
"Never knew the importance of proper foot support until Footstar came into my life. No more backaches after my long shifts at work!"
- Amanda R., age 32
They fit like a dream
"Training for my first marathon would’ve been a pain, literally, if not for Footstar’s custom orthotics. They fit like a dream!"
- Derek M., age 29
Nothing comes close Footstar
"I’ve tried every insole out there. Nothing comes close to the custom comfort of Footstar."
- Jasmine L., age 38
I can do my job without the foot fatigue
"Being a nurse means being on my feet all day. Thanks to Footstar, I can do my job without the foot fatigue."
- Carlos P., age 41
Best decision ever
"My physiotherapist recommended Footstar after a foot injury. Best decision ever! I’ve felt a significant difference."
- Elena G., age 26
An improvement in my posture and balance
"My podiatrist pointed out my uneven gait. With Footstar’s custom orthotics, I’ve noticed an improvement in my posture and balance."
- Raymond T., age 52
Footstar really knows their stuff
"From order to delivery, the entire process was smooth. Footstar really knows their stuff!"
- Lila D., age 28
Footstar’s orthotics are my secret weapon against foot pain
"Working in retail means long hours standing. Footstar’s orthotics are my secret weapon against foot pain."
- Chris B., age 37
Quality and comfort
"My husband and I got orthotics from Footstar. We’re both so impressed with the quality and comfort!"
- Beverly F., age 48
Outstanding product
"Footstar has truly mastered the art of crafting perfect orthotics. Outstanding service and product!"
- Omar J., age 43
Footstar has been a lifesaver
"My flat feet always gave me problems. Footstar's custom solution has been a lifesaver!"
- Donna V., age 50
Highly recommend
"The precision and care with which Footstar makes their orthotics are commendable. Highly recommend!"
- Abdullah Z., age 36
I'm back on the course, pain-free
"Playing golf used to strain my feet. With Footstar orthotics, I'm back on the course, pain-free!"
- Gordon F., age 58
My feet have never felt better
"I was skeptical about ordering orthotics online, but Footstar made it incredibly easy. Within a week, I had my custom pair, and my feet have never felt better."
- Harrison G., age 40
I can jog without any discomfort
"Footstar's seamless process amazed me. From the simple foot impression kit to quick delivery, I was impressed. Now, I can jog without any discomfort!"
- Manuel L., age 35
My daily walks are now pain-free
"The team at Footstar guides you through every step. I received my custom orthotics promptly, and they fit like a glove. My daily walks are now pain-free!"
- Rajan W., age 53
My feet have been thanking me
"Prompt and efficient, Footstar exceeded all my expectations. With such a swift process, I had my orthotics in no time, and my feet have been thanking me since!"
- Danielle T., age 27
Quality is top-notch
"With Footstar, there’s no tedious waiting or complexities. I got my custom orthotics rapidly, and the quality is top-notch. My gym routines are more comfortable than ever."
- Stephen A., age 39
Back on the tennis court
"Efficiency meets excellence with Footstar. Their prompt service got me back on the tennis court without the usual aches and pains."
- Carla D., age 50
Alleviated my chronic foot pain
"I’m all about convenience, and Footstar nailed it. Rapid service, easy instructions, and orthotics that have alleviated my chronic foot pain."
- Reggie P., age 37
For over 70 years
the Arciuolo’s family has been providing quality, supportive footwear and custom orthotics for men, women, and children
Get custom support and comfort in 3 easy steps
Place your order and we send you a foot impression kit along with instructions on what to do.
You send the kit back to us using the included pre-paid label.
We scan your kit and create a digital model of your foot. Then our fabrication team crafts your custom orthotic and mails them right to your door!
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