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Casual Shoe Orthotics
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Casual Shoe Orthotic Insoles

Have you forgotten what it feels like to step into your everyday shoes and walk in total comfort? With Footstar's custom casual shoe orthotics, that can change.

As custom solutions made with top-grade materials, they fit snugly with your feet to support every step. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions, our orthotics are designed to support your feet and your feet alone. You can use them in boat shoes, loafers, moccasins, sneakers, and more.

Common Questions

Custom casual shoe orthotics that make everyday life comfier

Finding a comfortable pair of shoes is something that many of us take for granted. But if you feel frequent pain or discomfort from spending time on your feet, you might crave the effortless comfort you used to feel when slipping into your everyday shoes. If pain has become an issue for you, it may be time to try custom orthotics.

Lots of people can benefit from our custom casual shoe orthotics

If you find yourself regularly reaching for gel inserts, you’ve already taken a step toward added stability in your walking shoes. If you’re looking to take your comfort a step further, you may find that custom casual shoe orthotics are the perfect solution for you.

We serve a broad range of customers, including:

  • Individuals who suffer from joint pain in their ankles, knees, or hips
  • People who have common orthopedic conditions that affect the bones in their feet
  • Persons who regularly suffer from plantar fasciitis
  • Sports lovers who regularly place a lot of strain on their feet
  • Professionals who spend a lot of time standing, such as flight attendants, teachers, retail workers, or healthcare workers

While custom orthotics aren’t a cure for orthopedic conditions, they can go a long way toward alleviating or preventing symptoms of those conditions.

In addition, many of our customers simply come to us for a more comfortable footwear experience.

We refine your custom design down to the millimeter, for the best support under your heels, arch, toes, and ball of your foot — and we're confident you'll feel the difference.


How are our custom casual shoe orthotics made?

At Footstar, our custom casual shoe orthotics are never generic. If you visit our store, we’ll begin with a digital impression of your feet. If you live at a distance, no problem. We’ll send you a foam impression box. You’ll make an imprint of your feet and send it back.

We'll also ask if you feel pain in any particular part of the foot, as well as how often you use your casual shoes — for example, if you wear them all day at work or only for a few hours each day around the house.

With this information, we’ll know how much of each material to use and how to best distribute support, to create custom inserts that give your feet as much support as possible.

Once they're made, you can pick up your insoles in our store, or we’ll ship them straight to your door.

What materials go into Footstar custom casual shoe orthotics?

You may have seen off-the-shelf orthotics in a variety of stores, which are often gel-based or made from tough plastic that can wear out over time.

Footstar's custom casual shoe orthotics use EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate), which is a durable and comfortable foam that moves easily and stays snug with your feet. It provides padding that can support the impact of your feet hitting the ground. Alongside EVA, we use a comfortable, antimicrobial top cover. Finally, we use carbon fiber to create a strong and flexible structure that leaves the right amount of room in your shoes.

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