Custom Dress Shoe Orthotics

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Footstar Custom Dress Shoe Orthotic Insoles

You should love the feel of your dress shoes as much as you love the look of them.

Our custom dress shoe orthotics let your feet feel great during the work day. They’re designed (for men and women) to fit exactly to the shape of your foot, so you feel less strain and more comfort on your feet while you’re at work.

These insoles are only 2mm thick, with a thin Ultrasuede cover, so they fit discreetly and comfortably into your shoes. They also come with Velcro tabs, so they won’t slip. (We give you extra tabs, in case you want to use your insoles in multiple pairs of shoes.)

We’ll also give you free shipping on your orders, plus free exchanges and adjustments for two years after your original purchase date.

Order your dress shoe orthotics today

Footstar custom dress shoe orthotics are enjoyed by business professionals everywhere. Order yours today by mail from anywhere in the US, through our 3-step customization process. If you live nearby, you can come into our Connecticut store.

You might also enjoy a pair of custom casual shoe orthotics or custom high heel orthotic insoles.

Custom Dress Shoe Orthotics for Business Professionals

Even though lots of people dress casual at work these days, there are still plenty of us who can’t show up in jeans and a comfy pair of sneakers. If you work in a more traditional office (or you just enjoy wearing dress shoes or loafers to work), you can relieve stiffness and tension in your feet with our custom dress shoe orthotics.

When ordering — Please specify your typical work activities and the type(s) of footwear you plan on wearing with your insoles, in the “Special instructions” section of the checkout page (e.g. – I’m a business person who’s often on the go, and I’ll be wearing my insoles in wide-fit dockers.)

Looking for corrective orthotics?

Our standard dress shoe orthotics are custom-made insoles specifically designed for one person. They are not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any ailment.

We do, however, offer specialized corrective custom orthotics, in person at our Milford, Connecticut location. Please call 1-866-403-3272 to learn more.

Custom Dress Shoe Orthotics Featuring Quality Craftsmanship

It’s easy to order a pair of custom dress shoe orthotics from Footstar and get the kind of quality craftsmanship you simply can’t find with off-the-shelf brands. Here are more details on the three steps to ordering your custom insoles by mail:

Make a foam impression

We’ll mail you an at-home foam impression kit. You’ll make an impression of each foot in the comfort of your own home and mail it back to us (we pay the postage). All you have to do is call us to request the kit, and it will be at your doorstep in a few days. (If you visit our store, a sales associate will help you take a digital impression.)

We craft your custom insoles

When we receive your foam impressions, we make a 3D contour map of your foot to guide us in crafting your custom dress shoe orthotic insoles to the exact shape of both your feet.

Receive your insoles and enjoy comfort for your feet

Once they’re done, we send your new custom dress shoe orthotic insoles out for delivery. Turnaround time is typically 10 to 14 days after we receive your foam impression (much quicker than the 4-to-6-week industry standard). Then you can slip them into your dress shoes and enjoy comfort for your feet throughout the work week.

Life Is Better with Custom Dress Shoe Orthotics

A hard day’s work at the office shouldn’t be measured by how much your feet hurt at the end of the day. When you order custom dress shoe orthotic insoles from Footstar, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for style anymore.

To order your custom dress shoe orthotic insoles, give us a call at 866-403-3272 or contact us online today.