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Footstar Sneaker Orthotic Insoles

Our orthotic sneaker insoles are the most cushioned and shock-absorbent style we have, giving you a neutral gait, a lower impact, more support, and long-lasting comfort while walking, running, playing sports, or working out.

Custom Orthotic Insoles for Running

Running is a thrill. But it puts a lot of stress on your feet, knees, and legs. Over time, this can cause conditions that make it difficult to keep running. Our custom running insoles give you the support you need to enjoy running today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Custom Orthotic Insoles for Walking

Even though walking involves less impact than running, misalignment between your feet and your shoes can cause strain and discomfort over time. Our walking shoe orthotics, great for sneakers or boots, give you precise cushioning and support with every stride.

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If you play a specific sport like tennis, basketball, or volleyball, let us know at checkout and we’ll craft your insoles to meet the unique demands of your sport.

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The Right Orthotic Can Help You Perform Better

Start feeling the comfort of custom orthotics made precisely for your feet. Footstar sneaker orthotics offer the perfect combination of cushion, comfort, and correction for your feet and your activities.

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What Makes Our Sneaker Orthotics Different?

Our custom sneaker inserts are custom fit to the contours of your feet, helping to alleviate stress on your ankles, knees, and back while maintaining the correct positioning of your feet. You’ll feel the difference every time your foot makes contact with the ground.

Who Should Wear Footstar Sneaker Orthotics?

Many pro runners and athletes wear orthotics. This is to protect their joints from re-injury. But custom sneaker insoles can make any activity that requires sneakers more comfortable.

Whether you play on a sports team, shoot hoops in the backyard, or just enjoy long walks around your neighborhood, our insoles can give you a better experience.

Depending on your sport, you might also consider our cleat insoles or custom waterproof orthotics.

Many people also wear sneakers on the job for greater comfort on their feet throughout the day. While sneakers are often more supportive than other types of shoes, if you have a joint that is misaligned, the pain that comes from standing for long periods can be a lot. The real support you get from our insoles makes a world of difference in the comfort you feel wearing your sneakers to work.

(For similar comfort at work, you can also try our dress shoe or casual shoe orthotics.)

If you have any of a long list of orthopedic conditions, sneaker orthotics can help alleviate discomfort and preventive worsening of symptoms. Plantar fasciitis, shin splints, arthritis, bunions, and hammertoes are just a few of the orthopedic conditions that our orthotics can help alleviate. They correct your alignment and take the stress off your affected joint.

How We Make Our Sneaker Orthotics

We have been helping people in the US find the best footwear solutions since 1946. Our years of experience and use of top-grade materials result in the perfect orthotic for your feet and other joints. Depending on your condition, we choose materials that are either soft and cushioned or rigid and structured — always durable and top-quality. We also consider the type of shoe and type of activity you perform when we create them.

Our custom fitting process starts with taking a digital imprint of your feet (in our store) or sending you a kit to make a foam impression of your foot (if you live elsewhere in the US). Mail it back to us and we make a digital 3D contour map. This process allows us to craft an orthotic that fits your feet down to the millimeter.

We’ll also ask you about your level of activity and any pain or discomfort you typically feel, and incorporate that into your insoles. A custom insole provides you with a strong foundation that improves your balance and natural stability. We are so confident in our process that we guarantee that you will be pain-free.

We use a special antimicrobial, waterproof, and sweat proof material to make the cushioned top covers. Finally, we add carbon fiber to the inserts to make them strong, flexible, and more durable.

Store-bought orthotics made of plastic or gel can help to some extent, but we make your insoles just for you, giving you the ideal blend of comfort, strength, and support. The Footstar Difference means that your custom sneaker orthotics will fit and feel just right.

Are Sneaker Orthotics Right for You?

Living with the pain from an orthopedic condition, a misaligned joint, or an old injury isn’t your only choice. Our sneaker orthotics slip are easy to order and fit seamlessly into your shoes. It couldn’t be simpler to get back the joy of using your feet to the fullest again.

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