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Footstar Waterproof Insoles

Footstar custom waterproof orthotics are designed for footwear that regularly gets wet, helping you enjoy water sports and other activities with more comfort and stability, regardless of how much water you encounter.

These insoles are custom-fit to your feet and designed to discreetly sit in your rain boots, kayaking shoes, rowing shoes, or any other water shoe — for all-day comfort in and out of the water.

Unlike most over-the-counter orthotics, our waterproof insoles are made with lightweight, durable polypropylene, with a shock-absorbent, antimicrobial top layer. They’re resistant to salt, chlorine, bacteria, mold, mildew, and other odor-causing microbes. And, they’re thin enough that you don’t have to remove your existing insole.

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Footstar waterproof orthotics are made for jobs or outdoor sports that are performed in wet conditions — to give you optimal stability, whether you have a specific orthopedic condition or simply want the best possible support under your feet.

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Why Waterproof Orthotics Might Be Right for You

Any time your feet are misaligned, it affects your posture and the rest of your body. Custom-fit waterproof orthotics can help prevent or alleviate a number of common orthopedic conditions, by giving your feet comfort and support in both wet and dry environments.

(For similar uses, you might also consider our custom sandal orthotics or custom work boot orthotics.)

Who are waterproof orthotics designed for?

Certain jobs and outdoor activities require spending time in wet, muddy conditions, often on slippery or on hard surfaces. Regular orthotics aren’t made to stand up to these types of conditions.

Fishing, firefighting, farming, disaster-recovery, and snow plowing are some of the jobs that can get your feet wet. Footstar waterproof orthotics fit inside your rain boots, snow boots, or any other style of footwear, to support your feet and prevent bacterial or fungal growth, for years to come.

In addition, athletes are more prone to knee, leg, and ankle injuries than the average person. If you’re active in any type of boating or water sports, or you plan to go hiking in wet conditions, these orthotics can give you the solid footing you need to make the most of your sport.

How are waterproof orthotics made?

Our process begins with taking a digital impression of your foot (in-store) or sending you a kit to take a foam mold of your foot (if you live anywhere else in the country). The mold provides us with the guide we need to make your orthotics fit the unique shape of your foot. When we make them, we’ll include any details needed to correct any misalignment of your foot. Whether you feel pain in your toes, heels, arches, ankles, or anywhere else — we’ll take it into account when making your custom orthotics.

After you return your foot molds, we use them with top-grade waterproof materials — including polypro, Spanko, EVA, and carbon fiber — to create your perfect custom insoles.

You will provide us with information about your needs during the checkout process. We use this information to create orthotics that will eliminate your pain and make it more comfortable to move again.

We implement a long list of materials to suit the various needs of each individual. While soft, cushioned styles are best for some people, rigid and structured styles work best for others. We choose the best materials to get the desired outcome for you.

Footstar waterproof orthotics are a thin, antibacterial insert that fits easily into your shoe. While most inserts replace the shoe’s original insoles, these can fit comfortably on top of the existing insoles, without the need to remove them.

Once you have your custom waterproof orthotics, you can focus on work, play, or competition with more confidence about using your feet and their surrounding joints.

Enjoy Life More with Footstar Waterproof Orthotics

Footstar custom waterproof orthotics are easy to insert and incredibly long lasting. There’s a good chance they even make it to your next pair of water shoes.

When they arrive, just put them in your shoes and you’re ready to experience the Footstar Difference.

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