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Insoles For Bow Legs

Footstar Orthotics proudly supplies our clientele with high quality custom insoles for bow legs. We do so because we understand the importance of a healthy pair of feet. Our manufacturing techniques make us the leader in easily accessible custom orthotics.

When an individual spends long hours on their feet every day, chances are they are going to experience discomfort or pain. However, with the help of our many solutions, these individuals can order custom bow leg orthotics right to their front door and begin to give their feet the proper care they deserve.

At Footstar Orthotics, we cannot stress how important it is to have comfortable insoles, as failing to do so can result in an array of issues. While these issues may not be present in everyone, insoles can also be an important part of preventative care. Whether you're going to the office or for a walk outside, Footstar orthotics has got you covered. Our website offers custom orthotics for your sneakers and for your work boots.  Check out our shop.

Although some foot issues are present due to genetics, it is not uncommon for someone to encounter them due to overuse, strain, or even injury. Once feet begin to experience pain, it is very important to take corrective measures, as unhealthy feet can lead to arch pain, arthritis, calluses, Metatarsalgia, back pain, spinal pain, hip displacement, general imbalance, and bowed legs.

Bowed Legs: Causes and Treatments

If you have not heard the term before, bowed legs are a serious condition that directly affect the quality of life of their host. While the condition itself is not life threatening, it can cause a series of additional issues and also be an indicator of other underlying problems.

This condition causes an individual’s legs to stray from one another. Basically, should a person who has bowed legs place their feet side by side, their knees would become bowed-out. This condition can cause severe pain, but thankfully can be treated by means of corrective orthotic systems such as custom insoles, braces, and casts. In more extreme cases, some people will become candidates for bowed leg surgery.

Although not many people are familiar with the condition of bowed legs, it is a lot more common than you would think. In fact, a large percentage of children come into the world with bowed legs. However, most of these children rid themselves of this condition as they begin to take their first steps. This phenomenon usually occurs when unborn infants find themselves in size-restricting wombs, and are therefore forced to reposition themselves as needed.

Bowed legs can manifest themselves due to poorly healed fractures, abnormal bone structures, bone dysplasia, dwarfism, Blount’s disease, Rickets, Paget’s disease, and more conditions like this. Once bowed legs have been diagnosed by a doctor, patients are usually instructed on how important it is for them to seek corrective orthopedics. Custom orthopedics can help individuals with bowed legs reverse the condition and avoid future problems.

Footstar Orthotics can supply insoles for those who suffer from bowed legs as well as other similar issues. These insoles for bow leg orthotics can help people find relief from their symptoms. However, knowing the cause behind bowed legs is going to be most beneficial, as it can help target the root of the issue. Therefore, pinpointing the cause of bowed legs and taking initiative to heal is incredibly important.

Bowed Legs and Their Direct Link to Foot Imbalances

Someone suffering from bowed legs is going to encounter a handful of issues. At first, they might not feel as though their bowed legs are going to affect their posture, balance, and overall way of life, but as the years pass and the condition worsens they undoubtedly will. This is because having bowed legs changes the overall structure of a person’s body. Having knees that bow away from each other restructures the lower half of the body, thus throwing the top half into shock. Bowed legs can cause a string of complications, all of which can drastically change a person’s quality of life.

People who have bowed legs tend to have major foot imbalances due to the way their body is placed. Generally, bowed legs cause people to displace their weight and focus it on their knees and ankle joints. Doing so causes these two important joints to become inflamed and at risk. When a person is constantly putting weight on their knee and ankle joints, their cartilage and tissues are going to start acting up, causing them intense pain. Typically, people who have bowed legs cannot walk for long periods of time, and in drastic cases they are rendered immobile.

Bowed legs lead to foot imbalances because of how the condition affects the ankles, knees, hips, and back. Having issues with these focal points of the body can make it increasingly difficult to practice good posture and balance. On top of that, it can make it difficult for an individual to use their feet properly, which will cause them to feel unbalanced due to their improper use of footing.